Competition Rankings for May

I had one too!

I had one the morning of May 1st.
My first one, too!

2nd in May.
Ihope this signature thing works now.

2 here. Will post later :cool:

At the end of May will be my first year since i started to have lucid dreams (conciously) :content:

Today morning i had 2 LD-s, and later when i did some WBTB, i started to have some immediate LD-s also, but unfortunately they did not turned out decent dreams, so i just fall asleep eventually.

talking from expereince, eh Jarod ? :happy:

Sign me up for 1 LD. :smile:

hey i had more than 118, oh well…

my cat has been waking me up early, so Ihavent been having TOO many

4 on may 1st
5 on may 2nd
3 on may 3rd
4 on may 4th

:smile: total of 16

Jarod seems to be still sleeping :tongue:

Anyway, those 2 days have been good for me.

Today i had 1 relatively long LD, and then 1 short one; later 1 short OBE and then 1 long OBE. Because my first OBE ended “in the middle” and i started over with my second OBE, i will count them as one.

So 3 more LD-s today morning, what make 5 in May so far :content:

3 LDs on may 4, I’ll post them later…

One last morning, a short wild. That makes 3, and i’ll post them when i get back.

One more, 3rd this month.

I’ve had 3 this month :smile:

Why havent I been put in JaRoD? :razz:

5 on the 5th of may
Slept in a long time today with frequent WBTBs, so 7

so that makes 28 for this month

One more, a looonnnggg one, and many many lucid awakenings.
2 LDs for May so far :smile:

Now seriously. Anyone knows where Jarod is? Taking a forced break from internet for awhile? :neutral:

I had a lucid dream today, first one since March I think

had my first one for this month on the 3rd. I now have more time to work on my lucid dreaming, so I’m looking forward to this months outcome :grin:

Had a lucid moment on Saturday [

So i’m counting it :tongue:

1 LD

1 for me.