Compleate block

I thought this rather weird but i’ve been getting worse at LD stuff ever since i started working on it. I took breaks and it did not help. Anyone have some advice?

Hi Kain,

I was the same way. I had 3 LD’s pretty close together then…nothing. :sad:

I’ve tried everything just like you including taking a two week break. Finnaly, I started over at the begining and just concentrated on DR Soon after (in a matter of a week) I started having LD’s once more. Dont worry, It happens to everyone at one point or another. It’ll pass. Dont give up though. If anything else do what I did and start over again. It helped me. :wink:

Yes, one thing you cannot do is giving up. Reread some of your old dreams and visualize how those dreams felt at the time. Try to recapture the emotions and believe you can experience those dreams again. As Weasel also suggested, I’d first start working on dream recall again, even if you don’t have real problems with remembering your dreams. When you go to bed, really be motivated to remember your dreams… be excited about it and know you can do it. If it doesn’t work in the morning, then say “ok, no problem, next night I WILL succeed”, and continue to do so every day. If dream recall is excellent, you can shift this whole practice from dream recall to LD induction. Believe you can overcome this drought, and you will.

Good luck! :happy:

Thanks for the help. :content: