complete dry spell for over 2 months


I hate this, I can’t remember ANY of my dreams, and its holidays so i want to LD. I can’t remember my dreams AT ALL. Any tips to get my dreams/LD’s back would be apreciated

Well this is a good time because you can sleep in.
Try WBTB. At the very least you’re bound to have a couple long, vivid dreams, as REM periods get longer with each sleep cycle. I would assume you’ve heard this before, but anyways, to remember dreams just don’t move after you wake up and think about what you were just dreaming about. This becomes easier with practice of course.

Above all, don’t stress it. If you put so much importance into dream recall, or lucid dreaming, you’ll get stressed out and won’t sleep well, and that affects everything in your life. Good luck.

Keep a DJ, and try to write every day in it, even though you dont remember anything.

I haven’t wrote anything i my DJ for 4 weeks (exams, bah) and my dream recall went from very vivid dream recall to the same status as 2 months ago when i just started (remember nothing-nada-noppes).

Today i started to write in my DJ again and I remember little bits and peices of my dreams again.

So try it, and dont forget, before you go to sleep, just tell yourself (and convince yourself that you will) “When i wake up tomorrow, i will write my dream in my DJ”.

Yeah I’m in a bit of a dry patch myself, too lazy/tired to WILD and sometimes not motivated to keep up with my DJ unless its a vivid dream. Lately I’ve just been dreaming normally and just going along for the ride, although practicing LD-ing came in handy the other night when I used it to bail out of a particularly nasty nightmare.

I know everyone is saying this and it probably sounds kinda cliche or something but the DJ does help recall in the long run. Also sleep in and wake up naturally without an alarm (when applicable) (but dont get up immediately though, just sit there and think about your most recent thoughts). My little recall technique that I use often if the details of the dream are fading is to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, then try to remember the last thoughts that entered your mind before you drifted asleep. If you do this then it forces your brain to back track, and since you’re just sitting in bed staring at the ceiling, then its easier to focus on the details. Hope this helps you out. :handshake:
peace, Ryan.