Confused about my experience.

(( First post here, so I apologize if it is in the wrong section. ))

So, first I should mention that I cant recall ever experiencing sleep paralysis earlier in my life at the age of 18. I have been having 3-4 short DILDS since I started reading about and practicing lucid dreaming about a month ago.

So last night, I woke up around 4 in the morning. Not from an alarm clock or anything, simply woke up by myself. I went up to have something to drink, then went back to bed. I decided to try a WILD. So I laid on my back, completely still, and relaxed to the point that my muscles got a numb’ish feeling. But Im 90% sure that I must have fallen asleep normally, because I cant recall any “vibrations,sounds,hallucinations” or anything. But I do recall having 2 very clear dreams (not lucid ones) after that.

Then it happened. All of the sudden I woke up, but not in my room. I was aware of what was happening from the start. I was lying in my own bed, but in my OLD room upstairs. I could move my fingers and my body from the neck and up, rest of the body felt too tingly and heavy to move. As I had read about sleep paralysis before, I figured “This is it! Dont freak out” and felt relatively calm. I even noticed a tall (!) shadowy figure at the end of my bed, just standing there chanting some creepy stuff about dreams. But I didnt pay much attention to him since he was just standing there. Everything felt blurry and slow, but at the same time real.

I turned my head the other way and looked up, and from my roof there was some kind of, “thing” wich I think was simillar to “the hag”. Fun thing is that I felt, “Damn that one is pissing me off!” so I started slapping her across the face, but my arms was still lying dead beside me in bed. Suddenly I could see trasnparent parts of my body hovering up a bit above my “Physical” one. So I thought to myself “Ok, lets try to roll out of here” So I did. And there I was, lying on my floor in my old room, the figures were gone and I was completely lucid. Everything looked as it should, only that I was upstairs ^^ So I attempted to stabilize the dream, and walked around for a while, before suddenly opening my eyes in my own bed again.

This whole thing got me confused, DID I wake up in sleep paralysis, and is this what it can be like? Or did I DREAM that I experienced sleep paralysis. I have been quite nervous about the whole phenomenon and if this was it, I cant say it was THAT bad? I have read about the creepy things you can encounter in SP (read about it 2 weeks earlier), so my mind already had “expectations”. Im just not sure, because it feels like it should had been even more real, and that I would actually be scared. And that I should had been in my own room.

One more thing, I NEVER have nightmares, not that I know of anyhow. This is the closest to a nightmare I have got in like 7 years. And it didn’t scare me that much at all. So that also made me feel that this is something else.

A long wall of text, but I would appreciate if someone actually took their time to read it. :smile:

// Kris

hi, and welcome :smile:

I beleive what you had was some kind of lucid dream with a bit of SP. Ok, what I mean is you can have SP (btw, I’ve never had a scray one, not everybody has them). In SP you can’t move at all and you might have some hallucinations.

but since you were in a different place, and could move part of your body, I think you might have been, lets say, half way into the dream. Does that make sense? Your awareness hadn’t passed completely from your physical body to your dream body, so even if you were in a dream, you could still feel your physical body with SP.

I remember once, as I was entering a LD, I could feel my dream hands rubbing each other and my real hands on my bed at the same time. I think it’s something difficult to imagine, but it was pretty cool :tongue:

After you rolled out of bed, you were in the LD 100%, so you could walk around and stuff, and you didn’t feel your body paralysed anymore.

Entering a dream consciously can be very weird (or evening scary) but there’s nothing to fear, really.

And if you have any other questions, just ask. people here are really friendly and like to help. :cool:

Thanks alot for your answer, I feel that what you say make sense. I think it will be pretty interesting to experience a full sleep paralysis, but you can say that I experienced it atleast a bit? So this was not completely different from what it might be like? And thank you for the welcome, if people take their time to answer properly to my essays like you do. I will learn alot here! ^^

no problem :content:

yeah, you experienced SP a bit :tongue: The full thing is different, because you are 100% paralysed. In my case at least, I can’t even look around. I only hear hallucunations sometimes and feel some weird vibrations.I find it fun :grin:


It sounds nice ^^

There are many options.

Clearly, (I assume), you were physically in your own room and you report waking up in a room upper than your own.

Your consciousness was probably split into a couple of different places and couldn’t really make a decision.

Next time it happens, try going with it and exploring the place you come to.

If you’ll share some properties of the place, it’ll be a lot easier to find out “what has happened”

That was somewhat simmilar to a FA. Even if you didn’t wake up in your own room, you woke up, you woke up in a place you know, so it can be condistered as a FA.

About that, you said that you couldn’t move your dream body. That’s not a SP. SP is when you can’t move your real body. If you couldn’t move your dream body, that may be because you just dreamed about having SP.

Haha, very confusing. Welcome to LD4All and good luck with Lucid Dreaming!

I’m not sure about that, something really strange happened to me when I was a child.

I’ll never forget that experience.

I was about 9-10 years old and I woke up in a hallway between the bedrooms and the living room. I was lying on a mattress. I stood up on the mattress, I instantly realized I was in my own bed, just from memories but I knew it even though everything appeared just as solid as reality, exactly as if I really woke up.
I tried walking to my room slowly but there was “an invisible wall” I can’t go through. I knew it was a wall in my own bedroom and I tried figuring out the directions that should stand correct, I couldn’t make it and bumped into another wall then went back to lying on the mattress.

I guess I just fell back asleep, cause I don’t remember what happened then, I just woke up in my own bedroom.

It’s hard to explain but it wasn’t as if I was dreaming, projecting whatever…

It was as if I was awake and my eyes were simply fooling me.

Simple as that.

Weird. It must have been interesting being that lucid in a dream.

Actually I just remembered an experience I had. Not to go off topic or anything, but just to show how SP can be confusing. It’s hard to say what’s real and what’s dream, since you’re right on the awake/dreaming border.

Short story, I was in SP (kinda) and I was able to open my eyes a little bit. I saw my real hand lying by my body, but I felt it as if I’d raised my hand in the air. (really weird , btw)

My point is that I think my real hand was by my body. I can’t actually be sure… :bored:

SP can sometimes “infiltrate” itself into the dream. I’ve had dreams where I’ve fallen and stopped being able to move. I was still in the dream, but I could feel my real body in SP, I was getting close to waking up I guess :neutral:

Yes thats is true, I could not move my dream body at FIRST, other than my fingers and head, but after some time, I could wave around my “dream hands” and manage to roll out of bed. I feel that I manage to do this by using pure will. So maybe it is a bit like Mattias mentioned, that I could still feel my real, paralysed body, but was way more into the dreamworld than the real one, before entering it fully? It that made any sense. ^^