Confused about one aspect of RCs

I understand why we use RCs. We do a simple task and if it is incredibly unusually then we are dreaming. We do this during the day to build up a habbit so we check when dreaming and realize that we are doing just that, dreaming.

What I don’t understand is when people talking about doing RCs to check if they are awake. I’m new to LDs and just plain vivid dreams in general. Do dreams really reach the point where they are as vivid as RL and we must check to see if we aren’t DREAMING?

Or have I just over analyzed this as usual…

yes they do

false awakenings - FAs are almost indistuingashable from real life sometimes, until you get up out of bed and wander around anyway.

that’s the main point when RCs are useful for me…

the other thing to consider is that the mind is somewhat illogical while dreaming, so doing RCs JUST when something weird happens doesn’t cut it, you need to just do an RC whenever you think about RCs, whenever you think about dreaming, etc… becuase in the dreaming world you might not ever question why you don’t have any pants on, or where they ran off to, but if for some reason a habit kicks in and you do an RC, all of a sudden you’ll be like “oh, this is a dream.”

I don’t get that very often because I don’t RC very often, just when I wake up from a weird dream and am uncertain of whether I’m dreaming, I should probably do it everytime I wake up/go to bed though since I dream about sleeping so much.

But dreams can be very hard to tell from real life sometimes, when they are in familiar places such as your bed, or your room.

Wow, that is fascinating. I can’t wait til my dreams reach that level of realism.

Actually, I have many lucid dreams that seem more real than RL, at least to me.

i find it so hard to imagine the reality being that big!

It’s really astounding!
i can’t believe how real it can be!

so its as if ur in the real world???

How did everyone reach this level?
can people post up how it happened and what they did?

Shadowless - there are two possibilities:

  1. Asleep (dreaming)
  2. Awake

You do an RC to check if you are dreaming. Because there are only two possibilities, you could also say that you do an RC to check if you are awake. It’s the same thing.

Yeah, take it from me, dreams can seem to be real life. I even missed out on a chance for a LD once, cos I thought it as too real to be a dream… damn, was I annoyed in the morning :razz:.

And like others have said, FA’s are stupidly realistic. I’ve woken up from a dream, laid in bed for a while, thinking about that dream, suddenly remember to take an RC (taking an RC everytime you wake up is a good habbit) and realised I was dreaming.
It feels exactly like waking up and laying in your warm, comfortable bed.

But there are exception. Dreams could be blurry or dark. Or even the entire place feels ‘weak’ (which is actually quite a cool feeling).

Have fun :grin:.

the best thing you can do to increase realism is to set a goal in mind “say, flying” and expose yourself to as much info as you can

such as, watch videos of people skydiving, reflect on what it would feel like, take much note of how high up they look, how long it takes them to reach the ground etc…

then kind of keep all that in mind when you are lucid and trying to fly.

I do not know what triggers very vivid realistic lucidity, it is kind of rare for me actually, but the more familiar you are with what you want to do (and if what you want to do is not humanly possible this can get kind of hard) the more realistic it is…

I’ve also found telling DCs to make something more real, work on getting it to be more realistic, CAN work… but I don’t know… convincing yourself that you are “awake” while dreaming, experiencing everything trying to convince yourself it is real, might help… I am not entirely sure…

False awakenings tend to promote realism, and so do OBEs, but … the ultra real stuff that can’t be discerned from real life is hard, you have to be very observant of what exactly “real life” is during the day to pick up on realism while dreaming.

being meditative and still of mind in dream, very observant, can help.

The (un)realness of your dreams rarely affect your level of awareness. To untrained dreamer, all dreams seem to be real, and it’s hard for everyone to recognize unreal elements if you don’t remember to do it (for ex. doing a list of dreamsigns). RC’s are just fool-proof lucidity triggers, because you know what to expect from RC in dream.