Conscious Exit (WILD Related)

hey,i was wondering if anyone knows anything about conscious exits.i was reading about it on site…check it out) and there was an article about it.heres the link: … p?t=candle

Anyway I thought that this was intersting…does anyone know anything more about this?..this could b cool if u could exit anytime u want during the day…

What happens to your body when you’re out of your body? Does it appear to others as if you were dead?

when u r out of ur body it looks like ur sleeping…u can b woken up…its pretty much like a normal WILD i think.

so it isn’t dangerous to wake someone up?

no…its completely safe…but if sum1 woke me up duing it i would b so pissed :grrr: !!! lol

seems pretty good indeed but it shouldn’t take 57 minutes to WILD in the early morning and it seems like if you want this to be fully productive you’d need to do it in bed about 30-40 minutes before you normally go to bed and are still somewhat clear headed.

Actually there’s a few discussions on OBE going on around here, check those out.

this is kinda embarassing cuz its my post but can sum1 explain what that site means…can u exit your body easily during the day…that would b awsome.i think just night time is not enough time 2 lucid dream…i wanna do it during the day…does any1 know how to do it during the day???thanx a bunch!

To be honest I do not see how this method is any different from other WILD methods. It is all about keeping your attention on one thing while allowing your body to fall asleep. You could do the same thing by imagining say a pencil instead of a flame. Anyway it is a good technique and one I have heard of before. I think the exercise for learning the technique is broken down too much but, that is just a matter of preference. The way I learned it was you would look at the candle then close your eyes and visualize the candle. If other thoughts disrupt you or if you loose the image of the candle the open your eyes and again study the candle.

ya when i read the technique on i thought that it seemed i liitle different and it says…“how to build up enough focus to have a conscious exit”…so it seemed different…but dont u usually exit consciously? milod789, how easy was it for u to do your variation of this meathod? how long did it take to learn? is it difficult? if u could please describe in detail how u practiced it and your meathods that would be so awsome…it seems like a very cool technique…thanx so much!

I never used that particular imagery as a means of inducing a WILD. I was just using it as a meditation. I want to say it was hard but that is not really accurate. However, it did take some practice. Take a moment right now, close your eyes and just focus on nothing but your breath. Inhale through your nose then out through your mouth and block out all other thoughts. When you think about anything but your breathing stop and open your eyes. How long did you last? Unless you already do meditation I would guess not long. That hopefully gives you an idea on how “hard” it is.

Anyway, the way I did it was:

I would sit on a floor with a table in front of me. Back straight. I light the candle then bring my attention to my breathing as I look at the candle. I continue to focus on my breathing till I feel relaxed. Then I look at the candle, examine it. Watch how it flickers. Once I think I have a good picture of the flame then I would close my eyes and create an image of the flame in my mind. Except for the image of the flame I want my mind to be blank. Then, if I start to think of other thoughts I open my eyes and start over.

It is basically the same as the article only not as structured with one minute watching the flame and one minute visualizing the two minutes and so on.

Anyway, like I said I have never managed to WILD with this but then I was not trying to either.

thanks 4 the details milod789…ill try 2 learn this though it does not seem very easy…hopefully i will learn how 2 WILD with it. Does any1 else know anything bout consciously exiting your body…thanks again milod789.

It is definitely a cool meditation I just don’t know how good it would be for WILD. I have never completed a WILD from a seated position. However, other people have so it is possible just don’t give up and have patients.