Consiousness is knocked out(?)

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I have some more information…
I heard from Fadem that “normal” dreamers are like consious (I mean they are consious, not consious of the fact that they’re dreaming) and they can control their Dream Selfs (or if it’s first person, control themselfs in the dream, even if they’re not lucid)… I have something completely different, It’s like my consious is knocked out. I can remember the dream the next day, but while having the dream I don’t seem to be consious one single bit. I can’t make my dream self do anything. Besides that, most of my dreams are third person.
I’d like to be consious while dreaming. This could improve my LDing greatly (I think). I mean, my consiousness is completely gone while asleep. Agh, it’s so hard to explain :razz: Even if at first I think I’m dreaming, it’s alright - as long as I’m consious :razz: I kind of keep repeating the same sentence in different words, but it’s so hard to describe… If anyone gets what I mean and has the same or knows something to make me a bit more “consious” in my dreams (experiencing the dream as if it were real, now it’s just like… when I wake up, remembering a movie I watched a while ago.)

Try sleeping with a light on, or sleep on a floor (0_o)

I think you sleep to deep and that’s the cause

I sleep VERY deep indeed. I’ll try to sleep on the floor tonight XD

Have you tried WBTB or sleeping in the morning? You really are more alert in your dreams then.

Yeah but alertness isn’t the problem, it’s being consious. Not the consiousness of knowing it’s a dream, but consiousness as in being able to control my dream self before even being lucid. So in a regular ND.

maybe 3rd person dreaming signifies that you feel as though you aren’t in control of your life. perhaps changing things IRL with change your dreams

But I do feel in control IRL… >_>

maybe thats just wha tyou think coinciously. of course, i could be totally off base, but let me give you an example from my own life.

i still like my ex-girlfriend, as she is the one who broke up with me… but its not like i spend my every waking moment thinking about her. in fact, i almost never think about her. and yet… she is in at least 1 of my dreams almost every night. i wouldnt doubt if she is in them EVERY night, and i just dont remember some of them.

so obviously my sub concious is infatuated with her, even if i dont know or think that i am.

But that’s more of a thing you can’t (subconsiously) let go. This is about control. Though you might be right, although I doubt it. I dont know what I’d have to change IRL either then…

ive got another idea

dont mind me being wrong, im just trying to help a fellow LDer out :smile:

what if there’s a really good reason for them being 3rd person, a point your sub concious is trying to make? and it being in 3rd person adds to it or something? Maybe just analyze your dreams very carefully? if you figure it out, i bet your dreams’d stop being 3rd person.

“I sleep VERY deep indeed. I’ll try to sleep on the floor tonight XD”

Trading long and short term physical comfort to be a bit conscious of yourself in dreams. Interesting.

“Not the consiousness of knowing it’s a dream, but consiousness as in being able to control my dream self before even being lucid.”

The two sort of go hand in hand, unless you already naturally can control your consciousness in dreams.

I’m not sure we can ever be fully conscious when in a normal dream without being lucid. If you are fully conscious of yourself inside a dream, without knowing its a dream would you not notice the dream signs? I mean you know about this site, have undoubtably read about all the dream signs and how to make yourself conscious of the dream. Why then would your conscious be aware and not be able to become lucid. You would have to not know what a dream is.

I am not talking about FULLY consious, just a bit is enough. :open_mouth:

When I was younger (never heard about lucid dreams), I thought I could act free and conciously in my dreams. I often wondered, why I made ridiculous decisions, but I never got the idea, I wasn’t concious in a dream.
But I was yet very interested in dreams and how dreams work, so I began to read something about dreams. Then I also read, that you are not concious in your dreams, that you cannot make decisions as you do in your waking life. As I read that I first though “Hey, I CAN INDEED control myself in my dreams”, but then I thought about some dreams I had and observed, what would happen in dreams which came later and got the conclusion, that I were not able to control myself, but I just believed it, because I never thought about the fact, that it could be that you don’t be concious.

Later I got into lucid dreaming, the possibility to get concious, what usually you’re not.

I don’t know, who told you, that you would be concious in your dreams, in that way you described, but I think the guy is mistaken just like me or he is a naturally lucid dreamer, someone who dreams lucidly very often, not knowing it’s something special for most people.