constantly being chased

hello, I am able to have a DILD almost every other night which can be interesting. But the thing is that, about 80% of these have included someone trying to chase me and kill me. Last night, I asked someone what year it was and they told me 2002 so I became lucid, and shortly after that, around the corner came this dude that looked like he was a sith lord from starwars. He had a lightsaber and he was trying to slash me. I tried to use control in this situation to spawn a lightsaber in my hand while I was trying to slash him back but it didn’t work so I just pointlessly made a slashing movement. Then he chased me on a motorcycle and cut my hand off like in starwars… This happens to me only when I get DILDS and in this dream, I lost lucidity, being aware that I was dreaming. It sucks that I get DILDS but I get chased by some dude in almost every one of them, and the feeling of my control not working on them makes me feel hopeless. I was able to control normal dream characters that weren’t trying to kill me but not these murderers. These are low lucidity dreams so I don’t have the ability to confront them whenever it happens. And these psychos only appear in my DILDs/LDs

So you should be able to make the other DCs your allies/bodyguards. Ask / command or just expect them to help. Have you tried yet?

Well no I can’t really control them just as I can’t confront the chaser because I’ve only had low lucidity LDs ever. I’m aware but only have sub conscious control basically. But I don’t understand why I can never stop them from trying to get me. I try to directly fight back, but they are invincible and I’m unable to control anything in my favor.

In almost all of my LD’s I am presented with a task I feel compelled to complete. If I try to complete the task I lose lucidity and I get stuck in an endless cycle of trying and failing at completing the task. I have tried using dream control to complete the task but it fails every time. Either the control just doesn’t work at all or it does something different than my original intent while the (obviously important) task is still left incomplete. I solved my problem by just having a goal in mind that I want to complete, and anything (no matter how important it may seem) other than that goal I ignore.

Ignoring the attacker might work for you as well. If they kill you and end the dream then you’d know that doesn’t work at all… If not then you could try giving the attacker what they want, your life. You could think of this strategy as gaining control back. You say you feel helpless, you can’t escape your enemy, you have no control over your dream. Well, try setting your objective as something that will happen anyway! If you run, you die. If you fight, you die. If you give in or even want to die… what happens then? If you seek out your enemy and make their objective your own, then even if you die in the dream and lose lucidity then you still win. because you completed a task and that’s a win in my book! But if you fail at killing yourself by running at the enemy, what happens after that? Do you get to talk to your enemy and figure out why this is happening?

My lucid dreams work something like this, when I attain lucidity a story starts. My initial gut reaction is my role in the story. If I play my role in the storyline, then the story will never end. The only way for me to end the story, and get on with want I want to do, is to somehow disrupt the story. Sometimes that means ignoring the story altogether, sometimes I have to do the opposite of what the story wants me to do. These options end the story in a way that the story wasn’t designed to be ended.

So this is how I look at your problem. Your story is an enemy appears, you have two paths you can take… fight or flight. Both are options you have, but both are in the story of your dream. So both will end the same, with you losing. Try options that aren’t obvious, like ignoring the story, giving in and trying to get killed, sitting down and talking to the enemy (even while they run at you, just don’t fight), mocking the enemy, complementing the enemy, challenging the enemy to a dance battle! Anything you can think of that isn’t in the original narrative of the dream to throw it off track!

I’m not skilled enough to brute force my way through dream problems, so I have to solve the problem by changing the problem. What I’m saying is this, use reverse psychology on your dream. It works every time for me.

I hope this helps! Tell me if you’ve already tried this and we can have another go at finding a solution!

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sounds like a shadow person to me. the only true way of defeating them is Light. or love that you can project outwards. your expectation is your most powerful weapon.
what you believe comes into play aswell

How do you get DILD almost every night? What do you do in order for this to work? How do you perform your reality checks for example?

I think this is an interesting way at going at attacking lucid nightmares. I dream about being trapped in a cult all the time. Ocassionally I become lucid. At one point I dreamt I was in a strange world with a huge harry potter like dome. I said: “I’m not a witch I’m an angel” when I became lucid and I was flying over the dome and around the dreamscape. So when I am in cult dreams I do the same thing even when I am not lucid, I fight I try to leave and then they try to kill me or imprison me. How could I use your principle of finding options the conscious mind cannot comprehend? Maybe decide to accept the cult and tell them I want to be a part of it and explore why they think their community is so great and that I am meant to stay and leave everything else behind, leave everything I care about behind, my family and my volunteer vocation, etc. and have great community. Maybe they would still try to hurt me. But i like your idea!