Continuing a WILD

okay, so last night I attempted to WILD and I got really close to being in complete
SP but then someone started knocking at the front door for a bit,
after the knocking stopped, my body didn’t go further into paralysis
I waited for about an hour, and nothing
if i get distracted by a sound, do I have to start the process all over again?

Knocking at the door, sounds like you did it before bed then unless someone was rude enough to come knocking very late at night, or maybe you were just napping? I find with a lot of things like meditating or self hypnosis that if something interrupts me its hard to get back to where i was.

When are you trying your wild’s?

could it have been HH? Once in SP I heard people unlocking my front door, but I knew it wasn’t real. Maybe if you think it’s real you end up focusing on it and waking up.

… unless it was in fact IWL. :tongue:

well, I found out the next day it was my brother coming home
it was like 4:00 AM, so the whole time I was thinking “mutha****a!”
thanks for the replies