Controlling Dream Time?

I was just wondering, for us that aren’t as blessed as writterscube, is it possible to make a lucid dream feel longer? What I mean is, that if you have say, 6 hours sleep, is there a possibility you can make the dream feel like 2 days?

I’m very interested in this :razz: Any answers appreciated :smile:

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I was wondering the same, I had an idea on how to do this, find Writerscube in one of my dreams and have him make me a dream clock of my own =P

I’ve also been very curious on how to do this since reading writerscube’s DJ

He uses something called a dream clock. I think its two clocks or something like that, one is real life time, the other is dream time. I may be wrong though

I haven’t read his DJ yet (but now I plan too! xD), but that was exactly my idea as well!
When I finally become lucid, I think the best way to control time is having two clocks (or watches or whatever) one which measures the time in real life, and the other is the dream time. From there you can sort of stretch out dream time to make it last longer. I’ve heard people say they’ve been in dreams for much longer, so I’m sure its possible.

I guess you can try to fight waking up during your dream, I use to do this as a kid, as an adult I have never been that lucid to do so.

Some people use counting from inside a dream to keep things going for longer (as in, actually stretching time), you can check Walms over at Mortal Mist for an example.

yeah I’m actually interested about that too
it will be nice to make the dream longer
and not waking on other one :confused:

I was just logging on to post a topic about this. The other day I was pondering about how some dreams seem like they last multiple days and I have never experienced anywhere near that length of time while lucid. So it got me thinking, what if I created a watch in my dream that was seemingly normal, except it has a type of dial built around the circumfrence where you can turn it however many notches to stretch time. It could be set in fractions possibly (1/10th time, 1/4th time, etc…). I dont know though, what do you think?

Well,as a principle I’ve noticed, you’ve gotta be aware during the first times of time actually stretching for it to work properly. Otherwise, it should be a perfectly legal idea :content: