Controlling Dreams

I’ve tried to find the answer to this all over the internet and can’t so i was wondering if some experienced LDers could help me :smile:

My problem is that once I become lucid. I know the dream is of my own mind and that I can essencially do anything. However, I find myself always retaining that subconsious dobut in the back of my mind and no matter how much I will myself for control I can’t seem to get it. For example, last night I was in an LD, When I try to fly I can’t will myself to get swept into effortless flight, and I can’t will the winds to get me off. Sometimes they will constantly change directions as I do and blow against me and keep me on the ground. For example, I jumped and prepelled myself about 30 feet and was slowly gliding along until I suddenly found myself in a falling into a mid-air summersault and thinking “Come on you can beat it” but despite my efforts I can’t get over that feeling in the back of my mind. Another example is when I try to will the sky to change from night to day and it won’t. Or when I try to summon old nightmare creatures to talk to them (I am not afraid of summoning them when I’m lucid) but nothing comes. I also will find myself trying to shoot magic out of my finger but nothing comes out. All I find is websites telling me to have confidence that it’s my dream and I can control it and I do know I can I have plenty of reason to believe it but It is entirely possible and should happen. But I no matter how much I conciously tell myself I can beat it and take control I just can’t get over that natural lack of confidence in the back of my mind and I’m not ultimatley sure how to because “Just have confidence and know your in control” just isn’t working for me the way I wish it would.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Nosal :smile:

I am having the same problem.When i realize that
i am lucid ,and try to take control,i start doing whatever comes to my mind and not thaving any second toughts.And problem is when you start to ask questions(inner dialog)about what to do next,how to make LD longer,and then the feeling that you have to do something realy fast or the dream will end,so it usualy ends!My opinion , probably not just mine,is that some mental practice, like meditation(stoping inner dialog),or just evoking the feeling of being in a dream few times a day, RC ,could improve your LD skills.It is just a matter of will and free time wich i dont have to much,but even thinking about it every day can result in progress eventualy.

Well, I’ve never had a lucid dream before, but try what I tell you. It might work. First off, do more than just will it. Command it to happen. Command with authority and especially say it. So if you want the day to turn to night point your finger to the sky, yell: “I command the sun to come up, or sun rise!” and not only be confident but expect it to happen. And if all else fails, just keep trying. Sorry if my info wast any help to you.

I would suggest that you try a little visualzation. Befor you go to sleep, think about what you want to do. If it is flying, then think about flying in a dream. See yourself flying with complet control. Think about how that would be and what you would do. See yourself doing this. Take about 10-15 minutes each night doing this and see if it helps. :content:

I understand completely. Just saying “be confident” doesn’t help because if you still don’t succeed, you start thinking “I can’t even be confident”. To get these things to work you have to get into a state of mind where you might still have doubts but are open to it working anyway. And don’t overthink it. Don’t focus on “how” rather than “why”. You want to fly for the fun of it right? So try to have fun when you try to fly. Once in a LD I just became very happy and it seemed like the happiness made me fly and it made me even more happy, so much I started laughing, just from happiness.

Jut do it. Don’t think, just assum that you can fly 40 feet in the air. :wink:

Here’s somthing to try: If you’re problem is flying due to doubt then get on top of a large building and jump off, there is a very good chance you will start flying before you hit the ground.
Also as don20853 said visulize the flying both before the dream and in it. Pick a flying method and see yourself doing at as well as “feeling” yourself do it and then let it all go.