Conversation between Jeff Mangum and Will Cullen Hart

Listen to the whole thing. it is quite beautiful.


“if nothing is true then everything is permitted”

Sweet. Sweet! —love it. Thanks for sharing, Dan.

Gotta love how they start with something 100% meaningless and manage to create common sense halfway through it without ever dropping the nonsense. If you understand what I mean. I’m not able to pull that off. Starting with nonsense and transforming it into a reasonable, intelligent extended metaphor precisely at the point I’m sure the very last individual of my audience is thinking “alright, now you definitely lost me”.

when i think back on this what strikes me is the cynicism , sorrow, and despair, of the fellow who does not realize he is an artist

whereas the person he is talking to is someone who has it all put together, without computers, he seems unable to integrate this and to become that way