Coolest thing ever happened to me

Last night, I dreamed I was washing my hair and I noticed how short it was. At first I was like, “Man, why did I cut my hair!?” but then I remembered I never did and knew I was dreaming. That wasn’t the cool part. The cool part was that I woke up a few minutes later, and went into a seperate dream. In this dream I saw an old friend, and the very first thing she did was grab my hair and comment on how short it was. I was lucid instantly! I’ve never had a dream character actually help me out like that, whether it was intentional or not.

Heh, that’s cool :cool:.

seems like a case of unintended Lucidity Induced Lucid Dreaming :wink: My DC’s never help me LDing :sad:

Interesting experience. Now if you could only train you DC to tell you that you are dreaming all the time. :smile:

“Hey, you! Why didn’t you come last night? I wanted a lucid dream!”

  • (high pitched voice) “Sorry sir, I forgot about it…”
    “What? Promise me you’ll be here next night or I’ll wake up now!”
  • “Yes sir, certainly sir…”


Now thats intersting. My DC’s have never helped, normally they ae just neutral but occasioanlly that are harmful but nowdays I wo’t usually let them talk me out of it.