Could I have your Number?

yep hopefully

It won’t be mady a sticky, but the first post in this topic has a link to it.

My number is 1791. Ran my birth date through a bunch of calculator processes and got it. Can someone call me and trigger a lucid dream for me? I want to get one.

Its not easy unless you remember the number by heart, try to call 1111 and I probably will answer :cool_raz:

Cool idea.

Give me a call. My number is 5555.

mistlight and chris09, you have been added to the directory :cool:

My first chioce was taken…mer.

9955 :cool:

Then your number soon will be in list :cool:

My number shall be 1500.
Just . . throwing that out there.

My number is 4321. Call me.

BAW has 9955, DS4S has 1500, R has 4321 and VS has 9999, you are soon on the list :cool_laugh:

can we do negatives?
if so, -0001.
otherwise, 8010

my synesthesia speaks to that number lol

1992 for me… someone please give me a call. Thanks :smile:

1618 someone hit me up please lol :grin:

8010, 1992 and 1618, soon your numbers are on the list :smile:

You are all added :cool:

2222 I didn’t see it on the list

This is a pretty good idea…

I’m 1565…

I just randomly pressed numbers one night on my computer… (I was bored) When I just pressed 1565. I liked the feel of it, since 5 is the key after 4 which is torn out of my laptop. I kept pressing 1565 until I just couldn’t get it out of my head!

(It’s also my private server on AQWorlds… SHH!) Oh, and please call my number… I am having 6 month LD withdrawals!

2222 and 1565, you are soon on the list :cool_laugh:

Too bad it isn’t sticky’d… it pretty much died after the 26th…