Could I have your Number?

I checked the list and the number is your since I didnt see another having it. Soon the number is on the list, as soon as a mod puts it in there :cool:

It’s the last 4 digits to my REAL phone number!!
/me says "shhhhhh… :wink: "

Heck, why not. Make my number 1021. :grin:

:yes: its yours. Itss going into the list soon.

I hope that these numbers do get on the list soon…

It only comes in to the list as soon a mod reads this thread and put the numbers in there :wink:

EDIT: They still havent put the numbers in the list :sad:
EDIT 2: Nothing new in the list yet :wolfbite:


Feel free to call :wink:

3575 :ok:

I’ll give this a try one of these days.

I dont get the point of this? Who is seriously going to remember peoples numbers. Hell, i cant even remember my own!

Either way, can i change my number to 1000? Thanks. :tongue:

im 4652. its my bike locks passcode. dont tell anyone

:woo: A little bit of madness never did no harm to noone:
I choose 6507 :content:

/me goes to California and tests every bike lock… MWAHAHAH

oO kt4all called me and sayed he wanted to try out the functionalityof this methodx…
also sent a password :. . anything ?

What was the password? and has my number been changed?

did it get you lucid Sakoda?

My number may be 7847

i guess mine will be 1123. i don’t know if this particular expirement will work, even though i do believe in dream telepathy. couldn’t hurt to try, though.

BaW : i was lucid before he called :wink:
(why do YOU want to know it :lol: … wait … did you pretend to be somebody else ? :anx: )

Important idea<
To give this experiment an increased chance for succes , i think it is important for the participants to “identifie” themselfes really with their number and keep it in mind when going to sleep.

One way to archive this would ve for example hanging your number close to your beds where you can see it and maybe repeat it during the day.


I really like this idea. My number will be 0032 : )

not sure if anyone has this number, but i’ll take…3216

phone book has been updated with all new numbers now