Could I have your Number?

That’s it. I will call one of you within two months. Though I can’t promise that any of you will get anything on your end.

Not sure if anyone’s claimed this one but… call me on 3663.

I just remembered, I told Zukoca about this…

So, I thought I would give it a go, and grabbed a cell phone. Dialed his number and the screen said; “NOT.IN.DIRECTORY” And the call didn’t go through… hmm…

:roll: Oh well, as soon as they fix it you can contact me through the phone again.

m is 1313 taken (thirteen is my fave number :tempted: ) if it is :thud: could i pls have 0413

:hmmm: 1313 is already taken, Ill check out if 0413 is taken and post if its ok or not :smile:

0413 is yours :colgate: I checked the list.

I will take the number:


because its how you spell dash on a phone :happy:

:content: i’ll take 1947.
it’s a number that follows me through out my life! :wink:

I always seem to have my cell with me when I dream.
Call me.

Seems that 4123 is free :woo: its yours :tongue:

In which timezone do you live? I live GMT+1 and dream between 4 and 8 :thumbs:

My number : 1110
Easy to remember huh, it’s my b-day. :tongue:

Edit: Time here is GMT+1 :smile:

I’m GMT-6, wow, big difference.
I dream between 2 and 5am.
Well Ghostie11, maybe during a lucid nap?

ah, i almost forgot your number. I will contact you next time I have a lucid dream just don’t ignore my calls :grrr:

OK, I’ll make sure I turn my hearing aids on.
Next time I’m lucid (its been a month) ill give u a special ring tone.
Who am I to ignore the morpheus?

Hey guys add me as soon as possible, 3396

i was talking to myself, but now i have a REAL ld4all member to contact in my dreams :content:

I’m there for ya.
I woke about 2:30 last and couldn’t go back to sleep for hrs. I have to admit I wondered if it was from ur attempt to call, over stimulating me.
Remember 4123.
Yeah, I wanted 1234 and u had it! I tryed to find something easy and ended up coming back to what I originally wanted.
Call me!

I don’t know why I chose 6507, not many people will remember it and call me :sad:
Can I change it to 6565?!

I would try Chocolat if we slept at the same time.
I’m probably being silly, but I think this is exciting. It would be amazing if I could get it done.
I better calm myself. With the way I feel
If I did remember to try, Ide wake myself up.

ok whatev.
i will be calling my number backwards. so hopefully sombody answers,