Could I have your Number?

I would try Chocolat if we slept at the same time.
I’m probably being silly, but I think this is exciting. It would be amazing if I could get it done.
I better calm myself. With the way I feel
If I did remember to try, Ide wake myself up.

ok whatev.
i will be calling my number backwards. so hopefully sombody answers,


Ok whatev. Maybe calling ur # backwards ull get ur alter ego, I imagine he’s a polite guy.

hahah ya thaat waht im thinking.
besides. it was like 2:30 AM when i wrote that. so again whatev :smile:

Ok yeah hehe.
Sleep deprivation can induce a lot of things… Including rudeness.
Sweet dreams 1withWings.

ya seriously. during school. when i would go to bed at 12:00 then wake up at 6 everyday 5 days a week (was hard cause im a lazy person in general not a slob tho plus i was working out alot) anyway. from not sleeping very much i kept getting these weird hallucinations. (i will make a topic about it ) like i would think there was something there, but i didnt really see anything, but i would react as if there was. like once i “saw” a deer jump out at me, but when i jumped back to look at it there was nothing there.

its like when your almost asleep, were u are just visualizing something like. walking to the bustop on a cold winter day, then u see the bus come, and u start running to catch it. only to hit a piece of ice, and slip. but then right when u hit the ground you flinch (in realy life) like you just a an electric shock.
kinda weird but its pretty fun to laugh at yourself afterwards

I hear ya.
I’ve had my share of sleep deprived visions.
I’ve had a hard time finding sleep most my life.
Its strange when your dream and waking lifes collide.
I scared the heck out of myself once at 4:00am driving, with what to me was a very real hallucination.
I look foward to reading yours.

If it hasn’t been taken, I would like to request 9362. It’s my name in real life :happy: Except backwards…and…not…numbers… :ack:

Just a thought … but for a greater chance of another member remembering the number when lucid … maybe it would be a good idea to place it in your signature or rank. :content:

ooh intruiging idea…

mine will be 1913

I really like the idea of this…is the number 0515 taken? I would love that number if it is not :smile:

0102 this will be interesting

Amazing idea!
i want “The Call” :grin:

Can i be “5224” ?

I call the Fibonacci Sequence.

1123, assuming somebody hasn’t already taken it.

tell me if this ones taken, but probably not,

2141 :grin:

Can I be 7322?

You mean communicate with our dreaming minds’ imagined DC versions of one another? Or do you actually believe in telepathy/shared dreaming?

can i be 3045?

6068 PS I’m writing this at four in the morning