Could I have your Number?



Mine will be 8046. I really need people to remind me of my dream state.

PS. if your 'phone turns into a hex phone, my number will be… C0DE instead!.

  1. i was the 2231th person to join LD4all. :cool: Usually in a dream though, i just “know” that this number,or even this button, will take me to the person i want to speak with.

Wow, no one’s claimed 6666? then i do.


I lay my claims on 0333.


It’s an expired pin number. I’ve had no problem remembering it years after its redundency, so maybe you’ll rember it. I used to think as it as “Thor ate Tusiks”; Tusiks is made up, but Thor is the Norse god of Thunder and probably had quite an appetite.

because 15+12=27

1409 - my birthdate, 14th September. Cool idea.

Sweet idea.

I call dibs on 9832

3141; The first digits of Pi. If you call me, tell me I’m dreaming.

No!! Gah…
/me waves fist at SD

Fine. Mine’s 0666 then.

Than i guess my number is 7319.
Hope for a nice conversation :smile:

You should of chosen something over 9000.

Like 9001


i “got a call” from LE last night , and it made me lucid … anything LE ?
oh , and i tryed calling wyv but there seemd to be some static …

Alright then I’ll take 0219. Though, I’ve never once been on a phone in my dreams before, and when I am near where one is supposed to be, it’s usually gone. Someone be sure to make it ring loudly. :grin:

:bounce: yay Sakoda. glad i called you!

cept i had a dream about a magic card trick where I levitated a card. annnd you werent in it.

I think my number is 6669.