Could I have your Number?

It’s a number you can use while dreaming to call another dreamer and tell them that they are dreaming :content:

Haha, that´s awsome! My number is 1134 :content:

Sounds cool. My number is : 1472. Give me a call anytime! :tongue:

:tongue: 1999, Easy Peesy
Call me!

4666 :content:

always available at 0000 :cheesy:

Just make sure you’re not using numbers already taken. There’s a link to the phone directory on the first post.

Oh, lots of people signing up to this list :happy:

My number is 1111 and the list is located in my sig :wink:

Well there we go. I never noticed that link to the list on your sig. Shows how on top of things I am. Congrats on the 7 stars btw.

Call me at…2933

last 4 digits of my RL number: 7167
so, 7167…

If this is something similar to shared dreaming i’m in.
9009,hope it’s not taken.

It is yours, and welcome on board this experiment :cool: should try dialing one, probably one with 4 similar numbers :razz:

lol this seems like fun


8698 shall be my number…gimmie a call

i’m surprised no one took “8675” yet.


So has this worked for anyone? Sounds really interesting? Even just to remember to make a call, or receiving one and then seeing if someone here really did call :smile:

Im up for it - how about 3687 for me. I’m a straight guy, who has LDed about once a month, so no weird calls, and forgive me if Im not in :wink:

4658, call me!

I think it’s free according to the list so I’ll take: 3991
I like this numbers thing :grin:

:no: it hasnt worked for me yet :sad: but I will try and the day I succeed with it I will post here and tell how it went :cool_laugh: