Could I have your Number?

Well there we go. I never noticed that link to the list on your sig. Shows how on top of things I am. Congrats on the 7 stars btw.

Call me at…2933

last 4 digits of my RL number: 7167
so, 7167…

If this is something similar to shared dreaming i’m in.
9009,hope it’s not taken.

It is yours, and welcome on board this experiment :cool: should try dialing one, probably one with 4 similar numbers :razz:

lol this seems like fun


8698 shall be my number…gimmie a call

i’m surprised no one took “8675” yet.


So has this worked for anyone? Sounds really interesting? Even just to remember to make a call, or receiving one and then seeing if someone here really did call :smile:

Im up for it - how about 3687 for me. I’m a straight guy, who has LDed about once a month, so no weird calls, and forgive me if Im not in :wink:

4658, call me!

I think it’s free according to the list so I’ll take: 3991
I like this numbers thing :grin:

:no: it hasnt worked for me yet :sad: but I will try and the day I succeed with it I will post here and tell how it went :cool_laugh:

Call me on 2345

I think tox… sorry, foxyChor just recently used this to call Wyvern, though I don’t think Wyvern remembered it.

i asked a girl if she had a facebook in one of my most recent LDs and she told me her first name and some other stuff to look up, but all i remember is her first name… and looking up a first name of facebook isnt going to work too well… oh well better luck next time i guess.

Call me on 1490. It’s just my lucky number.

me is 1320

I’m a new member,
so my number is 3113
please try to call me ok

Not really :tongue: It should be easy to remember for others who want to call you, like you don’t have to remember your phone number to receive calls.
Hmmm, the list could use an update. I’ll probably get into it later.