Could I have your Number?

You know my number has got to be Triple O Six!
Call Me!
And if I don’t answer, Please leave me your # and I’ll call you back.


Call me! =DD

mine is 1919

I’m 1025 :mrgreen_hat:
My birthday so I won’t forget

1011 some random number that i normally attach to my name on forums XD

call me i still have yet to have a ld :slight_smile:


Because it’s… over 9000! :happy:


My number is 1467, since my Real phone number ends like that…

Hello, My number is 4571. I have been trying to lucid dream for a while now but i cant seem to do it right. I still want to be able to do this but i guess i need someone else to help me gain lucidity. I don’t see any other way of achieving this. I hope someone does try to find me and I thank whoever that is. :help: please.

Happy LD’s Everyone! :smile:

I hope this thread gets in my SC and someone actually calls me.



17 is my favorite number and 1337 and 9001 was already taken :razz:

4421 OR 2144


I know it’s an old thread that has been revised, but I’ll add a number anyway.

Call me on 3232, hope to see you in a dream!

Call me at 4518!!! :smile:

when this is up again I’ll put mine …
6006 :yes:

Lots of new numbers :razz: and it seems the list hasnt been updated