Could I have your Number?

I’m 1025 :mrgreen_hat:
My birthday so I won’t forget

1011 some random number that i normally attach to my name on forums XD

call me i still have yet to have a ld :slight_smile:


Because it’s… over 9000! :happy:


My number is 1467, since my Real phone number ends like that…

Hello, My number is 4571. I have been trying to lucid dream for a while now but i cant seem to do it right. I still want to be able to do this but i guess i need someone else to help me gain lucidity. I don’t see any other way of achieving this. I hope someone does try to find me and I thank whoever that is. :help: please.

Happy LD’s Everyone! :smile:

I hope this thread gets in my SC and someone actually calls me.



17 is my favorite number and 1337 and 9001 was already taken :razz:

4421 OR 2144


I know it’s an old thread that has been revised, but I’ll add a number anyway.

Call me on 3232, hope to see you in a dream!

Call me at 4518!!! :smile:

when this is up again I’ll put mine …
6006 :yes:

Lots of new numbers :razz: and it seems the list hasnt been updated



Ok, as some of you already heard in IRC Ive been spending the last few days making a list with all numbers that dont exist in the List Thread, I also analysed each one of them to see if they were repeats, then I sorted them to be in alphabetical order :tongue:

There are a few numbers that are repeats and they are:

  1. Circles of Value with 1123
  2. Morepurple with 0000
  3. Sliph with 3216
  4. Little Snowfox with 4444
  5. Fallen Youth with 7319
  6. miinaturvat with 9001
  7. Spasm with 1717

You may want to choose a different number :cool:

I also noticed repeat in the current list, they are Rosie with 4321 and That Guy with 4321 too. Also Zukocas number says 222, the number is 2222, should be fixed

One last thing, the activity of the members werent considered at all when I made the list :tongue:

Ive been talking to a mod and the list idea isnt that great as people (including me) first thought, if people want to have dream numbers they can wear the number in their sigs. And in a dream there are many other ways to contact people and remind them of LD :wink:

Ah what the heck , sounds weird as Idk anyone here… but still… :happy:

My name LeeT. but already 2 ppl has 1337 , so mine will be 7777 :happy:

name AGA


Truthfully i dunno what I’m doing, just giving a random number and such