Could I have your Number?

Call me on 7557!

PS: i may be sleeping.

Is 0763 taken ?

Can I have 1307?
This seems like a really cool idea!
Call me! haha

this seems awesome!!!

my number will be 9874!

is it taken?
Also if you see me, make sure im lucid!

Mine is 2214

  1. Please if you find me, wake me up and make sure i stay in the dream, my dreams always kick me out after i get lucid.

is 8008 taken? if it wasn’t before, it is now :smile:

Is 6370 taken? If it is… I beg you to change it because if you turn 6370 around it says my name! D:
I mean… Thats the advantage of having such name... (PM me if already taken, I dont mind really)

I’ll go for 0026! If you can, give me a call and bother me to become lucid, haha.

Mine will be 8899 (If its not already taken).

A quick change people, due to Unseen circumstances, the number 3264 will no longer reach me. If you wish to contact me, a quick dial of 0111 will get you in contact, where I can do what I can to help you. Once again, that number is 0111. Thank you, and good night.

^^ isn’t there supposed to be a “like” button somewhere?? :tongue:

youll probly hit me up ill have a full out conversation and not be able to choose what to say or what kind of phone i answer or where the phone is, il have no control, but ill be there and remember it and be pissed i couldnt do shit about it



2448 if it’s not already taken :content:

pfff fine. :smile: haha ill take 2830 if it not taken of course…plus i havent gotten lucid. YET XD

Lemme make this clear: Its impossible to communicate to another human directly through dreams(lucid or not doesn’t matter). You can only create another image of human using your imagination. Once again IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

I know a few people who would disagree (though I myself think similarly). Check out the Chronicler’s in the Beyond Dreaming section, they have a very interestng shared dreaming diary.

Again, while I may agree to some extent, you can never completely doubt what no one is sure about :razz:

From now on my number is 1288 :grin: PM me if the number is already taken :cool:

My number is 1188, but not sure if I’ll answer.