Could I have your Number?

3141; The first digits of Pi. If you call me, tell me I’m dreaming.

No!! Gah…
/me waves fist at SD

Fine. Mine’s 0666 then.

Than i guess my number is 7319.
Hope for a nice conversation :smile:

You should of chosen something over 9000.

Like 9001


i “got a call” from LE last night , and it made me lucid … anything LE ?
oh , and i tryed calling wyv but there seemd to be some static …

Alright then I’ll take 0219. Though, I’ve never once been on a phone in my dreams before, and when I am near where one is supposed to be, it’s usually gone. Someone be sure to make it ring loudly. :grin:

:bounce: yay Sakoda. glad i called you!

cept i had a dream about a magic card trick where I levitated a card. annnd you werent in it.

I think my number is 6669.

0001, so easy to remember :razz:

I got a call… too bad it was someone trying to sell me double glazing! :grin:

Anyway, I’m changing numbers; I find my old one too hard to remember so from now on it’s 2008!


noone said it can’t start with a zero
came from a random number i typed on the numpad a while ago

also, please call me and tell me i’m dreaming, so i can have more lucid dreams!!!

so i’m getting a call tonight right?
4’s a cool number


Someone call me and make me lucid :woo: :grin: 0002

i JUST now got the reference to the MadTV skit. wow. that was pretty bad.


Well, since no one seems to have claimed it…

0042 =D

It’s mine now!

Hmm, i think i’ll go for 0123
Gimme a call tonight :content:

My number is 6666! almost like numer of beast :grin: Give me a call!Don’t worry no beast! :content: