Could I have your Number?

:bounce: yay Sakoda. glad i called you!

cept i had a dream about a magic card trick where I levitated a card. annnd you werent in it.

I think my number is 6669.

0001, so easy to remember :razz:

I got a call… too bad it was someone trying to sell me double glazing! :grin:

Anyway, I’m changing numbers; I find my old one too hard to remember so from now on it’s 2008!


noone said it can’t start with a zero
came from a random number i typed on the numpad a while ago

also, please call me and tell me i’m dreaming, so i can have more lucid dreams!!!

so i’m getting a call tonight right?
4’s a cool number


Someone call me and make me lucid :woo: :grin: 0002

i JUST now got the reference to the MadTV skit. wow. that was pretty bad.


Well, since no one seems to have claimed it…

0042 =D

It’s mine now!

Hmm, i think i’ll go for 0123
Gimme a call tonight :content:

My number is 6666! almost like numer of beast :grin: Give me a call!Don’t worry no beast! :content:

Cool idea, I hope it works lol!!

Mine number will be…1964- somebody call me please! =D

2419 - Gimme a call if you wanna have some fun ^^

You can call me every night, and it would be great if you tell me that i´m dreaming^^

mine is 0027
I’m busy in most ld’s so you can leave a message! :grin:

I’m not good enough to call any of you, but feel free to contact me at 1994 (The year that Fermat’s Last Theorem was officially proven).

My number will be… 4321 because it’s easy to remember.

mine will be… 1234