Could I have your Number?

Cool idea, I hope it works lol!!

Mine number will be…1964- somebody call me please! =D

2419 - Gimme a call if you wanna have some fun ^^

You can call me every night, and it would be great if you tell me that i´m dreaming^^

mine is 0027
I’m busy in most ld’s so you can leave a message! :grin:

I’m not good enough to call any of you, but feel free to contact me at 1994 (The year that Fermat’s Last Theorem was officially proven).

My number will be… 4321 because it’s easy to remember.

mine will be… 1234

mine will be 7710

So…anyone gotten any calls yet? Anyone called anybody? No fun if we’re just sitting here discussing our numbers you know. :tongue:

I did get a call as i think i posted earlier , but it was one-sided … :sad: (meaning the person on the other and talked without listeneing … :razz: )

i tried to call kT in a dream a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t remember his number and the phone directory kept changing. I have called a couple of people from chat in dreams before this, but they have just magically appeared in my phone’s number list.

:razz: Just a reminder, mine’s 0000.

My number will have to be…

Someone has to remember and call, right?

>Tonight you will call Drer’Ahv and make her lucid by punching 0007 into a phone<


Also, next time I get lucid I’m gunna find a lucid yellow pages and look up peoples numbers and terrorize your dreams xD

I’m in.

Can’t believe that one was still open! Heheheee :cool:

I know that my skills are not likely up to it yet, but I totally believe that we could communicate in the dream world. I’m so far out there :tongue: that I actually believe we’ll be able to transfer that skill to waking life someday.

Adjusting my tin foil hat for better reception… :content:

  1. (I dreamt that I had to be in a prison for 129 days)
    Call me, I want to be lucid. And if you tell me who you are, I’ll save your number, I’ll and call YOU! :colgate:


Oh, and it’s phi, not phe.

I’m agent 007 +1

You should prob edit the first post to put up a database of the numbers and who is what. That way it will stop double ups, and getting lost and you can refer to it at anytime.

Yeah I agree. If it’s too tedious for you then maybe one of us could do it and PM you the list so you can edit it in.