Could I have your Number?

I’m in.

Can’t believe that one was still open! Heheheee :cool:

I know that my skills are not likely up to it yet, but I totally believe that we could communicate in the dream world. I’m so far out there :tongue: that I actually believe we’ll be able to transfer that skill to waking life someday.

Adjusting my tin foil hat for better reception… :content:

  1. (I dreamt that I had to be in a prison for 129 days)
    Call me, I want to be lucid. And if you tell me who you are, I’ll save your number, I’ll and call YOU! :colgate:


Oh, and it’s phi, not phe.

I’m agent 007 +1

You should prob edit the first post to put up a database of the numbers and who is what. That way it will stop double ups, and getting lost and you can refer to it at anytime.

Yeah I agree. If it’s too tedious for you then maybe one of us could do it and PM you the list so you can edit it in.


13 is my lucky number =/… plus my day of birth and we all know why 69

il be 1212 :grin: as in hiimbob1212…hehe :wiske:

this will be so much fun.

8008 is my number.

TheS I like that number and Im gonna call you :smile:


lol gimme a call sometime, i have plenty of it sleeping

4444 has been taken twice? :sad: Well, I’ll pick 4949. Because it’s seven times seven … twice, kind of.

Whatcha doin?

should i call you on a dream phone??
call me on a dream phone and ask me questions, then pick a place to teleport too…
my number is 2332

Hmm phone number ? Why not … Mine one is 1993 (my birth year)

call me, my num is 2468

if it works let’s build a city :smile:

Mine is 1717, then. :grin: 17 is my favorite number.

3333! 33 used to be my lucky number.

But your not really gonna call me are you?? LOL

You can nevar know … :ebil:
I called SD a while ago … well … anything ? (whoo … with the beginn of fall my LD abbilitys are coming back :twirl:

mine’ll be 6535, because… it’s my 4-digit number XD