Could I have your Number?


lol gimme a call sometime, i have plenty of it sleeping

4444 has been taken twice? :sad: Well, I’ll pick 4949. Because it’s seven times seven … twice, kind of.

Whatcha doin?

should i call you on a dream phone??
call me on a dream phone and ask me questions, then pick a place to teleport too…
my number is 2332

Hmm phone number ? Why not … Mine one is 1993 (my birth year)

call me, my num is 2468

if it works let’s build a city :smile:

Mine is 1717, then. :grin: 17 is my favorite number.

3333! 33 used to be my lucky number.

But your not really gonna call me are you?? LOL

You can nevar know … :ebil:
I called SD a while ago … well … anything ? (whoo … with the beginn of fall my LD abbilitys are coming back :twirl:

mine’ll be 6535, because… it’s my 4-digit number XD

Is that like 256^2-1 missing a digit?



as in phone number?

as the first post of this topic says, you should make up a 4 digit number for a dream experiment. It could be a good idea to read all the posts to make sure you don’t choose a number that isn’t already taken, maybe we should make a phone directory?

i liek that idea :yes:

ahah ok mine is 1614

i was thinking of that number!!
hmm what shall i pick now…
ill take 4064

1313, because 13 has always been my luckiest number.