Could I have your Number?

i guess mine will be 1123. i don’t know if this particular expirement will work, even though i do believe in dream telepathy. couldn’t hurt to try, though.

BaW : i was lucid before he called :wink:
(why do YOU want to know it :lol: … wait … did you pretend to be somebody else ? :anx: )

Important idea<
To give this experiment an increased chance for succes , i think it is important for the participants to “identifie” themselfes really with their number and keep it in mind when going to sleep.

One way to archive this would ve for example hanging your number close to your beds where you can see it and maybe repeat it during the day.


I really like this idea. My number will be 0032 : )

not sure if anyone has this number, but i’ll take…3216

phone book has been updated with all new numbers now

Can I have 3003?

Ring me!

:yes: its yours :content:

It was about time, are you not watching all the posts? What does it matter :razz:

And Magnus, what will your number be :tongue:

Ohnoes, not to be whiny and all, but my number’s wrong in the phone book. My number’s 0032 but the book says 0023. ._.

Hi! Could mine be 911? :whew: pls pls pls pls!

:no: four numbers, but you can have 9110 :grin:

make it 9111 in case someone will mistake 911 call. In a dream its more likely to happen (imagine they get chased by monsters and frantically call 911 for help - who gets called if from emotion they maybe add an extra 1? :ebil: Me mwuhahaha evil plan, i know :adored:

ill be 7778

Mines is 1510.

That’s it. I will call one of you within two months. Though I can’t promise that any of you will get anything on your end.

Not sure if anyone’s claimed this one but… call me on 3663.

I just remembered, I told Zukoca about this…

So, I thought I would give it a go, and grabbed a cell phone. Dialed his number and the screen said; “NOT.IN.DIRECTORY” And the call didn’t go through… hmm…

:roll: Oh well, as soon as they fix it you can contact me through the phone again.

m is 1313 taken (thirteen is my fave number :tempted: ) if it is :thud: could i pls have 0413

:hmmm: 1313 is already taken, Ill check out if 0413 is taken and post if its ok or not :smile:

0413 is yours :colgate: I checked the list.

I will take the number:


because its how you spell dash on a phone :happy: