Could wireless signals effect dreaming?

Ever since my family and I moved into our new house, my room has had the wireless router. Recently, however, we moved it to the living room, and since then, my dream vividness has increased greatly.

Also, I remember we used to have a clock that supposedly canceled out electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding environment, and everyone claimed their dreams were incredibly vivid when the slept near it.

So I’m thinking it would be useful for lucid dreamers to sleep as far away from such tech as they can. If there is anything constantly giving off wireless signals, they should move it far from the sleeping area.

Do laptops have such wirless signals ? Because I keep it in my room on stand by all the time… :neutral:

You do turn it off when you sleep, though, right?

So how do these wireless signals affect people?

the increased vividness could be due to the fact that you expect your dreams will become more vivid with lack of wireless signals, and therefore they do. although this could be true because i also find when i am camping, where there is no chance of wireless signals, i have ridiculous amounts of dreams and most are very vivid.

Interesting. Perhaps the wireless signals interfere with REM?

Someone should test this out in the lucid lab.

I did some quick research on wireless signals and it turns out that Wi-Fi signal levels in wireless networks are way below the international safety limits: … works.html

I’m not sure how RF signals would affect the brain, but even if it had some effect on the brain, how do you know that it’s the RF signals that are affecting your dreams and not something else?

Okay, maybe I’m wrong, but we should at least test it out.

The reason no one’s doing anything is because it’s government mind control. :razz:

Cum hoc ergo propter hoc?


Alright, now you’re putting words in my mouth.

I’m not saying wireless is dangerous, just that it might have an effect on dreaming. And I do admit that I could be wrong, and it might be something else entirely. I’m just proposing a possibility.

The government puts subliminal messages in your dreams. :tongue:

Anyways, I heard that a lot of wireless signals cause nightmares.

I cant beleive Im reading this topic, because… This is embarasing, but, our signal went out the other day, and we called for them to come out, and fix it. It started running again, before they even came out to fix it, and we called them to cancel it, but he said hed better come out, and check it anyway. He seemed determined. So he got here, did something to it, and sence then because of a recent antigovernment topic on here I renently post I have been worried that there is some sort of hidden signal in the line that is somehow effecting me. My DR is Ok, but I just cant shake the fear here. I was really wanting to post about it, but I was too embarrassed, then I see this topic on the same week this happned. Wow what a releaf. I hate being so paranoid… I mean that is some weird ass thinking aint it. Could you tell me anything that would settle my nerves here… Its so bad… that I us… I dont listen to any audio on my computer. I need help. I cant beleive Im fixing to submit this.

Wait Im not that embarsed people here are worried about the same thing, but what if nothing is going on, and the fear of a evil government using mind control, and HAARP is effecting our dreams. God please someone tell me Im crazy, and its all in my head. My mind is being controlled by people who say the government is controlling my damn mind. AAAGGGHHH!!! Ohhh great now Im going to be worried about getting brain cancer. Will my mind ever be at peace.

Yea if someone could just say something here to calm me down. I would appriciate. I am certain Im going to develope brain cancer, because of some idiot fucking with my wirless signal. Maybie making it higer or something I dont know, but its driving me crazy. If you could calm this fear down, I could get back to my usual fears of developing diabities, or colon cancer. Please.

Calm down, Kava! It’s going to be okay. I’ve lived with a wireless signal in my room for almost three years and nothing bad has happened! If you are worried you can move the router out of your room or turn it off when you’re not using it.

Okay, stop it. This is not supposed to be a conspiracy theory topic. I posted it because I was curious over whether wireless signals effect dream recall and vividness. Not because I think the government is using them against us. I don’t, of course.