Could you possibly build a world?

In inception that guy and his wife built a world and could go and come to that same place? Could I do that say dream to dream?

I don’t know about dream to dream, and I wouldn’t use inception as a “true” point of reference for lding. But I have heard of people building a single place that they call the “mindscape”, but usually this is one place that they create an image of in their mind and then visit while dreaming. I think it would take a lot of effort to fully build a world from dream to dream. Remember, your dreams are created from your subconscious, so you are technically creating every world you dream about without your actual knowing. :wink:

Sounds like you are touching on two different elements with that question. The first is can you create a world, the answer would be absolutely, as Eilatan says we create a world to a greater or lesser degree, every time we sleep. I’m not so sure about it being difficuly exactly, perhaps tricky to control the process to create the same world, but as for actually creating it, I’d say that was actually very easy and natural.

The next part you are touching in is Shared Dreaming, things here get a bit less certain. Shared Dreaming depends on your beliefs, some believe it is possible, some say they have experienced it, others are skeptical, and still others do not believe in it at all as anything more than a dream. It’s down to you what to believe with that element. Whatever you choose, you won’t be alone in your standpoint. :wink:

I’m currently designing a place I can go to while in an LD outside the dream. I have it perfectly in my head. I think you could design a world but if it’s big it will become inconsistant each time you visit.

If you check WritersCube’s DJ, you’ll find various descriptions of him building and designing whole worlds and even solar systems in his lucid adventures. He also seems to be able to continue where he left off in his previous LD. Unfortunately not many succeed in gaining even remotely as much control in LD’s as he has.