Couldn't ND yet LD

How come, after i had LD a week ago, i haven’t get any ND or LD. Anyone can help? :help:
reply is appreciated :smile:

Hmm, sounds like you going through a dryspell. It happens. There are a few things you can do. You could try WILD and autosuggestion (even just for DR), or try WBTB’s. WBTB usualy helps my DR.

Good luck :colgate:

Um. Have you been keeping a DJ? Because that usually helps with DR. If not, I highly recommend it. Even if it seems like a pain to write it all down (remember, you don’t have to be detailed ALL THE TIME. A few sentences will suffice, unless you want to reread the dreams later…), you should do it.

Plus, you’ve been ND’ing. You just haven’t been remembering it. :wink:

I’ve been keeping DJ, but I haven’t wrote since i don’t remember any of my Dream (ND/ LD).

Therefore thx for the advice

You will have been dreaming. You just don’t remember it. :smile: I highly recommend the DJ just like MatrixMan…it will help with your DR.

It is annoying, I normally keep one for a few months, then stop it, then decided I need it, then stop it and it goes on and on forever. For now though you should definetly try to use one.

When you keep a dream journal Do write down if you don’t remember any dreams. just. “no dreams today” So that you’re still keeping it going. If you don’t it’s like you’re not keeping a journal, just are ready to in case you remember dreams. It’s like. you wake up, and you know know you’re gonna write something. If you don’t you will soon not even think about writing anything in the morning.

WBTB helps alot for DR… well for me anyways! :smile: what I usualy do during my WBTB time (abour 15 to 30 minutes) I try to recall any dreams I might’ve had, If i had something then I write it in the DJ… then I come here on the message board and read about LD… when I head back to bed, I read my DJ a bit. and then I go to sleep… I always recall at least a bit of a dream when I wake up the next day! :smile:

ok thx for all advice