countdown to new layout ( 0! ) *dundundun* standby

Whoo!!! thanks Q!!

I still have the old one. Even after ctrl f5. Soon you will all see the new layout and mine is still old :sad:

Hm…try emptying your browser’s cache?

Nope still not the new one. (And yes I refreshed)

Try re-favving it.

By the way, it should show on tabs, unless you don’t have them, in which case you should.

sorry but I have no idea what it means :confused:

Don’t bother just crtl-F5 instead of just F5.

Re-favorite it. Fav it once more after having deleted it from your favorites.

It just appeared :smile: without adding it to my favorite list.
thanks :smile:

Too bad you all looked at the design (some at least)

I’m awesome and I like the suspense.

hurry up and release it

0.0 I have no idea what it looks like, I’ve never seen it before.

Design? Looking? Where?

In the Bathroom.

It’s not the Bathroom. The bathroom is rather plain, almost military like simpleness.

No this design is located in a far more secret place that can only be found at specifics times of the day.


sneak preview :wink:

I thought that was a link…

:grin: It’s (the new logo :tongue:) so… beautiful…
/me drools

:woo: wooooo!!! new icon yaaay!!! it looks very good …thats the one in the top left hand corner though

Q! Show them the new mirror! :happy: I’d love to see if anyone can guess what board the new mirror will be for. (The spiegel one :wink:)

/me predicts lots of conspiracy theories concerning what board that mirror will be for :smile:

I need to see the full version first before Idecide if that version is better then the current,.

THe one we have now (at least the one I see) has an aged look (I could go on about meanings but I just think it looks cool) and this one is more flat and less 3D. Though this one looks far far more flat when on it’s own (I don’t know WHY the back ground affectsa that) Just the shadowing.

Anyways I leave a full ACCURATE critisism when the full forum is released. In the meantime HURRY UP