Create your own dream elixir!

This has probably been suggested before, but as im not sure I will post it anyway since I found it to be interesting. :smile:

The whole idea is that when you are awake you use your imagination to make up a few mythical “ingredients” to create a Lucid Elixir. Also make sure to connect these ingredients with different places like a herb that grows high up on a glacier or a fish that lives deep in the ocean. Once you have your list, decide what effect this elixir will have in your dreams and write it down too. This can be everything from flying to invisibility etc. Of course you could just use dream control to reach those results, but by doing it like this maybe you can trick your brain to the same effect while having a bit of adventure? :wink: Make up a few recipies for different elixirs and try to memorise them somehow so that you can remember them somewhat for later.

Now for the interesting part. Hunting these ingredients in your dreams. Maybe you can collect all to make that “Dream prolonging elixir” you thought of IRL or just a few of the ingredients. When you wake up your note your progress in your recipies. My thoughts is that you get some adventure while getting these ingredients. And when you turn them into a elixir, maybe you could use them to achieve effects in your lucid dreams? Im going to start working on this idea in my own dreams. :smile:

I tried this, I made a potion that will give someone eternal life. The ingredients were:

Bark of the Bongbong tree (taken from Charlie and the chocolate factory)
Scale of a black dragon
Holy water

I had to go on some journey to get all the ingredients. When I finally mixed it and drank it this bright light surrounded me and I couldnt see so i tried to teleport but nothing worked so i forced myself to wake up XD

I think I got the ingredients wrong.

Haha, sounds like fun. ^^
Guess it can be interesting to see how the brain reacts to various things you can create :wink:

someone gave me an elixir in a dream once, i woke up and was completely energized for a couple of days!
it was a sparkling ball and he just pushed it into me.

Sounds cool. :grin:

Just like in Shrek, try tears.

It summoned a person in the movie so maybe you can bring a DC or SG into your dream.

Just a thought.

Iv been given a potion in a dream before…

for some reason a DC came up to me and sais drin this, it as a general potion in one of those chemical containers scientists use to mi stuff.
so i drunk it and asked “so what is it?”
then the DC replied “its a lucid potion”
after hearing this i realized that im lucid so i said thanks then attempted to fly (or some lucid power anyway) but failed and drifted back into a ND.
still its nice to know that theres a DC in my subconcious somewhere trying to help me become lucid.

this sounds extremely AWSOME i will start on this pronto.!

I read on the forum a long time ago that you could make something (in this case it was a pill, but an elixir would work as well) to help you become lucid in other dreams. Meaning whip up your potion of lucidity, have the intent and the belief in your head that it will make you lucid on other nights, and drink it. I guess it worked really well for some!

This sounds great! :woo: I will give it a try and report back my progress.