the principle of creation that is evident in our lucid dreams, apply to waking life ?

You ask for something in a lucid dream, it appears, you fine tune it, its very quick. You can deal with mind’s eye imagination, and fine tune it there, then pull it “physical” to the dream body.

For instance :
I want a cat that has a purple spot somehow attached to its tail, perhaps it walked through paint.

In a lucid dream, no problem. Now, for instance, in waking reality, if we set ourselves upon this intent, would it show up?

Now lets say, I want world peace, everyone to stop fighting, in a dream I can make people chill out, in waking life ?

What is really important here is vision. Vivid,detailed imagination, which lets us immediately see the astral version of our thought-forms, so that we can, while wide awake, fine tune, as mechanics and technicians, the seeds of our desires, so that we know exactly what they will grow into.

this is hypnagogics, however hypnagogics are like ghosts of the self going through a defrag program.

What is needed is this NOW, while awake. A television which we put the programming in.

Does anyone have ideas on this ?

Further, what exactly is there to create? Money, land, family, livelihood, Quality, then what more to be done, here, in this dimension, than that ?


I think people are more skilled at imagining things than others. My friend says he day dreams all day at school, and he says he sometimes just rewatches a T.V. show.

He says this helps in LDing. He has like 10 LDs a week, so it might help. He reads alot, I don’t know if that helps.

But that law of attraction thing is really cool. I’ve been trying to actually use it but it’s really hard work just to think happy thoughts all the time. If you could control what you think, the possibilities could be endless.

We always want what we can’t have, and when w have it, it’s no big deal. I don’t want vision and pure imagination in waking life, then it will be like everyone watching and infinite T.V that is mre exciting that real life. Take a step back and smell the flowers. Embrace what we have.

“Happiness is human invention. The pursuit of it is instinct.”

Chaos Magick. As I said in another thread. The theory is that you can manifest whatever you may want from the chaos that is infinite possibility. Through strong mental training it supposedly can be done with strong enough intent.