Darkness in my lucid dreams

I am happy :smile: to say that I had 2 lucid dreams last night, after a dry spell. However both dreams were dark, and there was nobody around. The first one was in my living room, I was able to turn a light on. The 2nd one was out side on a street. I was attempting to travel somewhere. I went through doors but nothing worked. :confused:

Sometimes my lucid dreams are dark too. Occasionally, so dark I can’t even see. Usually, if I can see at all, I just go with it. I have tried to fix it a few times with varying success. Demanding that the sky be brighter, by command, did work. Kind of overlording it. It’s YOUR dream, you’re in charge! If that doesn’t work, you can try just being still, and waking up a little. Then, wait for images to come. One time, I tried to make light come, by concentration on the word light, but in swedish- “ljus”. Just so happens the word “ljus” also means candle, and that’s what came up. It didn’t help much, but when you think about it, I still managed to increase the lighting by one lux. It’s a start.