Day sleeping LD'ers

I work at night, I go to bed anywhere from 130 am to 330 am. My wife and kids wake up at 6am. Would it be in my best interest to try the WBTB method or should I continue the DILD for now. Take in account I’m only three days into LD, I’m being extremely patient with the process.

If you’re used to that sleep cycle, then go for it. WBTB can be combined with anything, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Also, LDs are most likely to occur in the morning, so you’re lucky in that respect!

This depends on your own sleep cycle

I was breaking my sleep cycle from night to day to prepare for nightshift the other day. I went to bed at 11:00am and slept to about 5:00pm. I spent almost all those hours going in and out of SP, strange dreams and lucid dreams. LDing has never been easier :tongue:

If I focused more on DEILD, it certainly would be a lot easier to have opportunities to DEILD too because of housemates if they happen to wake me up. I mostly just go back to sleep if they do, since I don’t care. I expect there to be noises sometimes that wake me up since I sleep during the day and work at night. : P I’d say the sleep is generally normal for me though. I should probably get myself a darker curtain, but I do sleep some nights and I like a bit of light in my room.