daydreaming Vs. Lucid dreaming

does anyone know anything about using daydreams to induce lucid dreams, because I’ve picked up tidbits of information about things such as “self hypnosis” and “cognitive rest” and the lot.

not to mention I’ve been daydreaming before and somehow seemed to slip into a state of SP, yet I could move
(at least I think I could :uh: ).
I glanced at the clock and noticed time seemed to be going by very fast before I drifted off to sleep, the next morning, an entire page of my dream journal was filled, but it was written in vulperial text (if you want to know what vulperial text is e-mail me at and request a copy of the file) it took me a little while to read, but it referred to a dream where I was leading an army to defend atlantis :confused: yeah, wierd. This was remarkably like what I was daydreaming about (what would have happened if atlantis was involved in WWII)

so has anyone heard or read anything about this?

Well being in hypnosis is almost the same thing as daydreaming, your in that zombie state of mind where your subconsious takes over…not sure how to induce LD’s into that but its kind of a cool way to see things in a different perspective. Daydreaming can induce larger trances and many mysterious things can be disscovored that way. I beleive everything in all of exsistance is imprinted in our minds, we just arent conscious of it, unless the subconscious takes over. :eek:

you have to learn to train one or more of your senses (imaginary) to be very strong, if you want to day-dream and cross into lucidity

like, imagine touch, and so you create a day-dream, you create the image of something familiar like an instrument, and you practice real hard on touch, because if you can master imagination touch then you can touch an imaginary dream thing, and use it to pull yourself out of body.

this can happen wide awake.

vision is another way, reverse blinking

patience is the key, we learn whatever we are meant to learn very gradually, so we are mature enough to handle such a huge shift in awareness.

wow eyelids i love ur comment! and i must try imagining the object and feeling it to pull me into the dream! life is more than we can see! off topic question removed

that last comment was a little off topic :crazy: , I just wanted to know if anyone’s heard of using daydreaming as a tool to induce lucidity, so please only post advice and hearsay in this thread, thank you. :dragon:

I tried to send an email to you, but you must have misspelled you address because I got an error message.

thanks for pointing that out :mrgreen: I’ll go back and fix it, here is my real E-mail :, E-mail me requesting the vulperial info, please don’t shareware the details of LOWW. Until I publish my works on it, I can’t get a copyright, and I really don’t want my idea stolen. :sad: :bambi: :crying: :plotting: :devil:

but feel free to e-mail me or post replies to my threads in vulperial text, once you get the translator, of course, that way, only those who know vulperial know what you’re saying. :grin:

making forum posts in vulperial text would be against forum guidelines and so any posts would be removed. :moogle:

I read on here a while ago that daydreaming would lead you into an LD eventually. Just daydream as you fall asleep or something? I dunno.

I think there is a link between LDs and daydreams though because sometimes when I daydream I get so far into it all of my consciousness is there (in the dream), like a normal dream.

I don’t get that. Since SP is defined as when you’re not able to move, how could you move when you’re paralyzed?

actually, thanks for bringing that up, What I meant by that was I was experiencing the hallucinatory and altered perception aspects, yet I wasn’t experiencing the paralysis that is indicitive of it…I guess I should have proofread that before posting it. :content: