DC try to give me hints that I'm dreaming

Hello everyone!
This is my first post :smile:
I’m sry if this question has already been asked…
I’ve only once had a lucid dream and I’m trying to get a second one since then but to my question:
This night I had a strange dream. I was in a train and I met a girl. I think she tryed to make me realise I was dreaming. Her skin was covered in tribals and as soon as she touched me my skin was covered in tribals too. First it freaked me out but then I realised that I could make it go away by just thinking of it to disapear. But sadly I still wasnt realising that I was dreaming. :cry: After that she came up to me and showed me my dream journal and asked me what it was and I told her. She said “ahh you write in english” but actually I write my journal in german so I guess that maybe was another hint.
Then I met a guy and she didnt like him. He kept trying to piss me off and made me really angry. When I woke up I kind of started to belive he maybe did that to prevent me from getting lucid because while I was angry and full of emotion I was totally into the dream. I chased him and jumped really high but I was so into catching him that I didnt realise that I can only jump like this in a dream. Back in RL I thought, maybe emotions like anger keep you busy from realising your dreaming.
Well my question is if you guys think that DC (or your SC) try to give you hints that you are dreaming and why didnt I get those hints? Or why didnt I realise I’m dreaming when I jumped really high? I had so many clues but just didnt get them. :grrr:

Thanks for all your response! :smile:

Dreams are often illogical and unreal. However, our logic sense is shut down during dreams, therefore it’s hard to notice these signs. Those hints which you mention here are probably a result of the fact that you’re reading articles about lucid dreaming and trying to achieve a lucid dream. I have such hints myself.
Recently I had a dream where I was participating in a “Lucid Dreaming Club”. Everyone in there just talked about lucid dreaming, but still, I couldn’t become lucid. Not to mention that the leader of the club was my physics teacher :razz:
So yeah, that happens. I guess you can partly prevent that by doing reality checks whenever you hear/think/see something related to lucid dreaming, such as a dream journal, the LD4All forum etc.

Haha, you did have many cues, but don’t worry, it takes time to become accustomed to this kind of things…

I would say that’s true, because I had few dreams that were nightmare-ish and of course I was angry and scared and few other emotions were present, and when situation calmed down when I started to feel calm then hit me, look at your hands, just to be sure and BAM, I was in a dream…

Maybe we need to learn to question reality in every possible situation…

I just thought it was really funny/frustrating that I had so many clues but wasnt able to notice them. It was still like I was just watching a movie. Even when I made the tribals dissapear it was more like I watched myself do it but didnt realise it in the conscious part of my brain…I guess like you said I have to do some more reality checks and do them in every possible situation. :smile: