Deep paralyzation

Are there any possible way’s you can become so deeply paralyzed, you will have problems getting out of it? Just wondering if there even is a small chance this could happen.

If you are healthy then I guess not. This could happened to people that suffer from narcolepsy… But if you don’t have such disorders then you shouldn’t have problem with SP.

You may found yourself under SP but if you stay calm and if you know what is happening this experience can be broken within the seconds and for that matter this experience will not be terrifying…

Okey, thank you. :smile:

Yes, and usually if you panic and try to force yourself out of it it will seem harder to get out. People might get the impression that it’s hard or impossible to get out if when they get it they panic and try to move their muscles. Usually breathing quickly or moving your toes or fingers makes you snap out of it in a matter of seconds.