DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream

ok… this made me LOL.

Wow, sounds like an excellent technique. I will try in ze future!

Yeah, of course you’ll have a 100% success rate if you do it right. That’s like saying a coin will have a 100% chance of landing on heads as long as it lands on heads.

Bahahahahahahahahhahaa ^Good one!

for me i don’t go into sleep paralysis, i go right back into the dream i was in

either by talking to the dcs around me, or otherwise just using my mind to pretend i’m still there

is falling asleep really transitory from SP? i have had SP many times before I even found out about inducing LDs, and usually I cant make the transition to sleep right away from SP. This morning I had SP (I think?) but there was no sense of impending doom or any kind of presence. when i felt the vibrations coming from the pit of my chest, i knew the paralysis would infect my body entirely within seconds, and i wanted to try inducing LD from it. so, i kept my eyes closed and didnt fight it.

at first a side of my leg/stomach had this kind of ticklish/painful feeling (same as when trying to make a tight fist when first waking up). momentarily i felt as if my body floated up. still i kept my eyes closed. then the floating became more rapid and aggressive; i was swaying back and forth, on top of my couch which i was lying in. i inched my eyes open and i saw my tv and living room from a higher perspective and me going forward and away from it. i closed my eyes again but for a while even with my eyes closed, i still had my eyesight. about 20 seconds later everything faded back to black, and the swaying got slower and slower as well as the sound of the wind along with it… ‘shoooop shooop shooop’ to ‘whoooooooshhhh… whoooooooooshh…’

when i felt like i was back on the couch, with my eyes still closed, i slowly regained control of my whole body though i decided to stay still just in case i go to an LD right away. but i couldnt sleep anymore, and my body felt quite numb in some areas.

wait… was this SP or an OOBE?
ANYWAYS my original question was, how exactly do you induce the LD from SP? maybe its just me but i am not quite sure how to remain sleeping after SP. thx!

to induce LD from SP imagine that there is a person sititng on top of you [that you like] and imagine it until you feel it, then interact with them until you are in a dream version of wherever it is you are lying [or think you are lying] in bed.

it is pretty easy to imagine feelings and then let the feelings gradually create the rest of the construct, rather than to start by visualization or auditory things and let them create a dream world, at least for me. then all you have to do is feel while your mind works on making the rest on its own.

if sense are groggy focusing on the forehead, throat, or heart chakras can help clarify, but must be done delicately and mindfully so as to maintain a presence IN the dream WHILE focusing on the dream body… I have found the heart and throat to be better stabilizers with the third eye being a bit iffy and having a tendency to wake me up, but should it be focused upon in the right way seems to clarify vision and vividness of the dream in the best ways, whereas throat or heart tend to create a feeling of “sedation” in the dream, as if you are going to sleep in the dream, but will wake back up into the dream (as opposed to the third eye being as if you are “waking up” but the waking up can be into reality)

this is all just me… just do whatever you feel is intuitive, it is learning to walk.

What about insomnia?

This works!! I did it last night and had a LD!

Thanks for the tip, it worked the first time I tried it. And I felt the ability to “link” the LD’s. But 20-40 in a row is amazing, i’m going to give it a try.

when I wake up the middle of the night though I don’t remember any dreams most of the time. Well maybe that’s because I don’t wake up after the dreams, before or something…

My understanding was that most lucid dreamers experience their lucidity several hours of sleep. I on the other hand wake up within 1 to 1 in a half hours after I’v fallen asleep. Further more i continue to wake up 3 to 4 times experiencing the same events. Is this normal?



How do you wake up after having a dream? How do you set an internal alarm clock?

I typically wake up only three hours into my sleep, or over 8 hours in, and can’t remember any of my dreams. Alarm clocks involve having to get up, so the method would be rendered impossible…

(I wish my alarm only did three loud beeps.)

For my, I just tell myself, randomly during the day and repeat it to myself right before I got to bed, “After every dream I will wake up”. Ta da! It’s easy, try it. I don’t always wake up after every dream but I usually wake up two times minimum.

Work excellent for me.

many thanks!!! :smile:

I have done this, and i think I called something like EMR (Early morning rewake). Nice job. I must try this…

Burns technique into memory

Alright. I tried this. Autosuggested before I fell asleep that I would wake up after every dream. (<= I <3 the power of self-trickery :razz: ) But I have a bad habit, (- regarding this technique), of automatically doing a clock RC every time I wake up. I woke up at 4:41. (moved to check clock). Then did this a few more times and moved again to check clock ( :sad: )@ 5:45 and 6:43.

Somewhere between 6:43 and 8:15 there was a succesful one. (I woke up really slowly/got lucid at the end of a dream). But I couldn’t manage to get SP. I woke up in a really awkward position so relaxing was hard, might have gotten SP if I waited a tad bit longer, but I grew impatient quite fast and decided to retry again so I moved and adjusted my sleeping position.

One near-success atempt on first try =] I definitely think this method is on to something ^.^

Tried this last night.
I never had any problems with waking up in the middle of the night after each dream. But the problem is that when I stayed still I didn’t experience any SP, I just went back to sleep :happy:

same here.

could you elaborate on step 2.5?
how do you get from just waking up from after a dream to SP?


ha! if that works for you, you might as well skip the whole part of waking up and tell yourself:
“after my dream I am lucid”

nice idea, ill try it tonight.