DEILD NEVER works :(

I have an auto-stop alarm clock on my ipod that i use when I want to try DEILD, which has been every night. I’ve trained myself to stay still when I wake up from the alarm, and have been able to do that for some time now. When I wake up, I’m not in sleep paralysis, but my body is numb and tingly. I stay still, and imagine myself in a dream scene. I do this for about 2 minutes until my body stops feeling tingly, and I know that I’ve failed. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe usualy (not when doing DEILD) every time you hear an alarm clock you get up from bed. And since your body is used to getting up every time it hears the alarm clock it unconciuosly makes it as awake as possible without doing any physical movements. You should try to do it a few times without alarm clock. A simple mantra should work.
Or you just concentrate too much. Your mind must be as relaxed as your body. But not so much that you forget to stay aware and fall asleep.

actually, the alarm clock thing might be the problem. ill try the mantra tonight and let you know how it goes :smile: