Demanding Answers from my subconscious.

Hi, I’m new and my name is KingRidley, etc etc.

I’ve always been sort of interested in Lucid Dreaming just for the option of being able to do anything you want to. But upon finding this website, I discovered that you can actually ask your own subconscious mind questions. And get answers. This is a very appealing idea for me, so my interest in Lucid Dreaming has been renewed.

I’m not sure what style of dreaming I’ll be going for, so far I’ve just been trying this conglomerate of the different methods (reminding myself to remember my dreams, saying that they will be lucid, trying reality checks, etc.). And since I haven’t been trying this for very long, nothing has worked yet.

I’m not just looking for simple hints though. I have a number of worries about things that may stop me from having a lucid dream.

  1. My attention span. The first night as I went to sleep, I had a sort of daydream on the edge of wakefulness. Something about a teacher, maybe Mr Garrison from south park. Midway through I realized “I am dreaming.” Thing is, it wasn’t actually a dream. Upon realizing this, the dream reverted back to daydream quality and I just became more awake then I had been before. That wasn’t the problem, the problem was that upon trying it again, I forgot to pay attention to the daydream and just fell asleep.
    I’m worried that I’ll lose attention during my attempts to dream and fall past the Lucid Dreams.

  2. Awareness of a dream. Let’s say I perform reality checks so often that they become a habit. I poke my own hand, and when it doesn’t go through I say “I’m not dreaming.” Well, what if I do it in a dream, but saying “I’m not dreaming.” has become part of the habit too? Or what if I do say that I’m dreaming, but I just ignore it and the dream continues on like normal? That has actually happened once before, I told myself that I was dreaming but it didn’t really hold any meaning so the dream went on like normal.
    Also I’ve had near lucid dreams before. One prime example was when I dreamed that I was drowning. But midway through, I made the decision to ‘cheat’ in the dream, and I took a huge breath of air while still underwater. Then the dream went on like normal, except that I noticed that while the ocean was deep and dark, it was also very calm.

  3. Dream Logic. Sort of similar to the previous point, I’m worried that my dreams will ‘reason’ away why I happen to suspect I’m in a dream. And for whatever reason, I’ll listen and the chance to become lucid will be lost.

These are my biggest worries at this point. I’m not sure how hard they will be to overcome, but those are what I’d like advice with.

Also I think it’d be fair to tell everyone that when I manage to make this work, I am going to demand my subconscious to tell me what happened to my attention span, and my memory. They have both gotten very faulty in recent times, and it seriously bothers me because I’m only 19.

So in advance, thanks for advice, but I’ll definitely be keeping track of this topic as well.

hello and welcome :smile:

  1. don’t worry about it. Lucid dreaming has nothing to do with your attention span. Besides, stop telling yourself that your attention span is bad. It’s just like a muscle , accept where you are and go farther and farther. You will improve every day if you just put your mind to it.

  2. In my opinion, reality checks aren’t that useful. I’ve heard of lots of cases where people do reality checks in dreams and fail to get it. It’s just like you said, a habit is formed. Just think about this, the most magical and simple thing about dreams is that people simply don’t get it, fireballs can drop on them from the sky, they can see elephants in the streets but they still don’t get it, do you really suppose that 6 fingers is more effective than talking elephants in the candy store ? …

Reality checks aren’t that much about seeing your fuzzy hands and realize that you’re dreaming, it’s simply about raising one’s awareness. When you just do a simple RC , you become aware that you are awake . Which is something that people rarely ever notice.

If you are going to use reality checks,
looking back through time to see how you got to where you are, ideally from the moment you woke up the last time is a great reality check. Also, just pretend that you are in a dream and try to fly, try to summon a wizard to come through the door, do all those things as much as possible. Also , have a trigger, a good one I think is your reflection, every time you see your reflection in a mirror, water, window, anything, just be aware that you are awake. That’s what it’s all about. Again, do this all as much as possible and really really think about it. Don’t just say to yourself, ye im awake lets move on. Really TRY to fly etc…

  1. As I said, don’t count on logic. The key is awareness. Start noticing that you are awake. And you WILL notice that you are dreaming.

As you may have understood from your experience with the ‘daydream’, the borders between dream/waking reality aren’t really as solid as most think of them. An individual understands something relative to his own relationship with that thing.

You are just what you are, consciousness. Phasing between different realities is just a thing. And when you start having an awareness of your existence , you will start noticing where you are. Lucid dreaming was never a RC thing for me. From my early childhood, when I was dreaming and I got lucid, I just simply knew I was dreaming, no RC needed. I mean how hard is that ?.. there is quite a difference between a dream and this thing right here…

About asking your subconscious questions.
When you are in Beta brainwaves - usual waking alert mode - it’s hard to get things from there. You need to relax and calm your mind down, get to alpha / theta - that’s where it gets easy , and if you can go deeper, that’s even better…

also, the subconscious understands a lot better emotions, and abstract forms than words. And also, don’t think of your SC as some distant computer. Your SC is you. It’s your beliefs, your ideas, your view of life, you reality, your ‘character’ , it’s just you.

hope this helps,
let me know if u need anything

I’ve been afraid that my brain will explain things away too, it’s pretty good at it. And it looks like I can read, so RCs involving reading stuff isn’t necessarily going to work for me.

relV, I like your advice, I’m going to be following something more like that now.

  1. Well yeah but what if I forget to keep at it? No, really. That’s a very real problem I’m sure many people face.

  2. Okay yeah, that’s actually a good point. It’s just that dreams use their own logic too. Like looking back at all this stuff while awake it’s very silly. But while you’re asleep, it all makes perfect sense. There’s a giant elephant in the sky because there’s no room for it anywhere else, etc.

From all I’ve learned about the subconscious, it’s really more like a computer than anything else. Even if it is more like what you say, it’s not conscious. We’re self aware, but the subconscious mind isn’t. Alot of it is automatic. And knowing that, I feel that I can figure out some answers from it because it can hide, cheat, and steal, but it can’t lie.

A few more interesting dream details about myself:

  1. I’ve had numerous falling dreams. I usually hit the ground, feeling the force of impact but no pain. This has always been a curiosity for me.

  2. I’ve seen a computer screen in a dream recently that did have words on it. However, one sentence stayed the same after I had to look away. It was a message directed at me, and I knew what it meant. But when I asked a nearby dream person what it meant, he just sort of brushed my question off and the dream went on as normal.

  3. My dreams aren’t usually weird or crazy. They’re usually more like a movie than anything else, following a “coherent” plot or story. I’ve written one short story about one dream (Called Pep Rally, will post if anyone is interested. It’s essentially about brainwashing children and it’s 100% fiction) and plan to write a story about another (An AI on a spaceship that is affected by the emotions of crewmates, and as the crew goes mad because they’re not used to space travel the AI assumes control of more and more of the ship. They think this is because the computer has turned evil, when in reality they’ve just gone mad). If there is anything to analyze, it’s usually very straightforward and clear. I think it’s because I tend to understand myself very well.

  4. Again, water in my dreams is usually dark, deep, but calm. I think this is because I’m emotionally stable.

sometimes you can coax yourself into a light sleep trance

count forwards a few counts,
to 4
or 10
then don’t count anymore
now your mind is silent, and any thoughts that come up aren’t you

but if you really want to talk to the subconscious set an alarm clock for when you would get up minus an hour, and then keep hitting the snooze alarm, and ask the questions as you are falling asleep, and waking back up from alarm.

—>Deus - My pleasure :smile:


  1. In my reality, there’s no real problems, but getting into that requires a couple of hours at least so I won’t bother. And if you want to get practical , just understand that worrying about it will practically not do you ANY good. I realize that this alone won’t stop you from worrying, but it should get you thinking about why you are .

  2. Dreams don’t use their own logic. Your consciousness and your brain are very very powerful. People live in such fantasies. They create whole stories just to fabricate and cover their own self deception. And like any truly magnificent mechanism, the beauty of it is that no tracks are left so the person can’t even know he is deceiving himself. It’s really something!

The subconscious is a computer, but that computer is you. That’s what you need to get. There’s no ‘the’ subconscious. The Subconscious IS you. And you are a computer.

As you are reading this right now, your sensor mechanisms are decoding frequencies into what you translate into a physical experience. The things you don’t consciously register go directly ‘to your subconscious’. In reality, since you don’t consciously observe them, you simply don’t resist them and therefore automatically saves them on your hard drive. that’s why subliminal messaging / advertising works. Especially when communicated to the right brain. Generally speaking, to make a very long explanation very short, you are the computer, your subconscious is your hard drive - your sum of experiences - from which you form opinions (beliefs) - create automatic and autonomic visualizations ----> design your life.

What I’m saying is that there is no subconscious out here . It is you.

I’d like to read your stories ! Especially the one you are planning to write.

and lastly, I’ll repeat. Lucidity is not about developing some mechanism to check your hands. You can always deceive yourself. You’re very probably doing it regarding anything for about 7 years now. It’s a VERY powerful mechanism - self deception.

Lucidity is simply about… LUCIDITY . AWARENESS.

Be lucid in waking reality and you will when dreaming. There’s no way out of it.

Sorry about the few-day lag here, things got busy.

Still no luck on the Lucidity aspects, but I have been dreaming more often ever since I decided to try this. I figure that now it might just be a matter of luck for me to see something that shocks me out of the dream.

Also since you said you wanted to read one of my stories, here it is. I’ve started work on the new one (Titled Syncronis after then name of the ship) but the progress is really slow as I work out some serious details.