Descriptions to a new-b plz!

When you are in dreamstate…

  1. when u move and walk and talk… is it like u would in the real world?
  2. when u do the spinniing technique do u get dizzy and is everything is in the real world?
  3. in other words is everything and every movement controlled like it is in the real world??

i was half-asleep,half-awake last night and i knew all i could do was try and dream what it felt like to move, if i actually moved i woulda moved in reality.i think i just need practice, but its soo hard if you aren’t fully asleep…

is anyone else having my problem? and is there anyone that can help me understand how to get to deep sleep quicker…

im finding it hard to understand how to make it feel so real?

  1. Yes, most dreams are like RL, give or take. You move, talk and walk in the same way as in RL because you are so used to doing it that way. Most of the times, you don’t know that you are dreaming. So, you continue reacting to events that occurs just like you would have while awake.

  2. There is a good chance you’ll get dizzy when trying the spinning technique. You don’t get dizzy because of the spinning, it’s because you expect to get dizzy. You expect the same consequences as in waking life.

Still, it’s better if you don’t get dizzy. That way you don’t risk losing control and/or lucidity.

  1. No, everything in the dream world in based on your previous experiences and your subconscious expectations. You might not expect to be able to go through walls at first, but spend some time trying it in your dreams, and you’ll eventually succeed.

Sounds like you were trying to do the WILD-technique. You don’t have to try doing anything while falling asleep. The trick is to lie still and wait until you fall asleep. When entering a REM-period, you’ll be in a dream, fully lucid and can do whatever you. By the way, this method works better if you get approx. 6 hours of sleep right before trying it (known as the WBTB technique).

Be sure to read up on all the techniques in the main page if you haven’t allready. There are several other techniques besides WILD.

Yeah, I think that your questions where answered.

But I’d like to reinforce this last part:

You have to be alseep before you try anything… otherwise yes, you’ll move in real lfie too. This isn’t realistic day dreaming, but an actual dream. You are in your own private world, in which anything is possible.

Have fun, and don’t give up till you can do it ^^.

It’s much more realistic as daydreaming because you’re really seem to be in some environment, with surroundings “out there”, body sensations, etc. But it’s not always as realistic as waking life. Sometimes stuff just fades out and everything turns blurry or even black. And there’s so much instability in the dreamworld. However there’s much more control than in WL, the more you control your thoughts and emotions, by being detached from them instead of being absorbed, the more you control the dream.

I managed to get to the dreamworld!
but i wasn’t able to recognise stuff…
damn it i think i need practice… :content:
Thnax everyone for posting!

I’m looking forward to my first fully realistic lucid experience!!! :grin:

By the way… when you have a FA do you still feel the affects of tiredness and other things like that?
Because everytime i wake up from a dream in the middle of the night i make sure to do an RC… but it feels pretty much like i must be in RL cause im so tired and want to go back to bed…

Thanx :smile: