Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

DRD - Dream Recording Device - possible device to come, records our dreams to a continual and stable video.

Soon it will be hard for evrey Lucid enthusist to communicate with people who are not in to LD,
becuse they will be talking in LD. (Lucid language :wink: )

I propose that some of the different dream techniques (ILDs) gain an extra type with the prefix “DIF” for “dream initiated false” where “dream” is assumed to mean EITHER NLD or LD. The two I find most pertinent are:

DIFWILD Dream initiated false wake initiated lucid dream
DIFMILD Dream initiated false mnemonic initiated lucid dream

These two examples are from situations discussed recently (“Have you ever had a WILD in a NLD or a LD?”). Because these are technically not true WILDs, they should gain a prefix to point out that it is the same technique but done in dream.

Originally when this occured to me I called DIFWILD a DIWILD, but now I add the F because I feel it is important.

There are already enough acronyms but I think that this would be helpful if this topic (DIFWILD) is to be discussed in any greater detail.

EDIT: Whoops! I am sorry… I missed FLD which sums up all of the DIF*ILDs I was thinking of… Nevermind!

Have I gone blind or did we miss a really big one.

DS = Dream Sign

I’ve just been talking about them and came here for a possible definition and Nada.

Yup, we all looked right over that one.

I’ve also added LL(Lucid Living), along with a few more definitions.

A couple ones that I think have been overlooked…
NLD - Non-Lucid Dream
RL or WL - real life or waking life - people often use these acronyms instead of saying IRL or IWL

Thanks for adding Lucic Living. It has been a life long dream of mine. :content:

There is a great discussion about LL going on and as a result I’ve come up with another anacronym:

LDD: Lucid Day Dreaming. Another exercise for practicing lucidity.:beer:

It’s pretty self-explanatory but I will talk about it more in the Lucid Living

LL has been added as a popup now too. :content:

and removed again because of the fact that when you use “i’ll” it changes it into the acronym too :grrr:

To whom it may concern… ULD Unaware Lucid Dreaming is real … I do it ever night … I have as of yet been unable to be come “awake” in my dreams yet I can control whatever I want … Hence I stopped having nightmares about 12 years ago because after 3 years of the same one I came to the realization that I could control what was happening and since then I havent had any such problems … The only thing is Im not thinking so I cant do what i really want to … I can only react to things Not initiate them

Today I have added:

AB= Astral Body
SG= Spirit Guide

I also cleaned up the original post a bit.

I am surprised to see that DJ (Dream Journal) isn´t yet in the acronyms.I think more people use it than DD


Perhaps another one: LS = Lucid Sleep

Added, :thumbs: . . but without a floating description bubble for now. :neutral:

umm what about Shared Dreaming???

SD :smile: still havent done it but i will get there :content: :cool:


can’t believe we don’t have one for Shared Dreaming :grin:

SD - Shared Dream - the possiblility to ‘share’ a dream - be in the same dream with other ppl.


:shy: i see Timeles_Soul already sait that :shy: i’m going to add it to the popup thing already, as well as DJ

added :content:

when adding Shared Dream i was editing the Dream Sign acronym to make it into the SD one. While typing it became “Shared Dream Sign”. That’s a cool one come to think of it :smile:

Shared Dream Sign:
a. A Dream Sign signifying for the dreamer he/she is in a shared dream
b. A Dream sign shared by different dreamers (can i have the dream sign now? you have had it for 2 weeks already)
c. A Dream Sign noting the dreamer he/she is now entering a shared dream. (like a road sign: warning: Shared Dream ahead, enter at your own risk, maximum flying speed 30mph) :gni:

I thought it was time to update my definition of Lucid Living:

Maintaining, in your waking life, the same state of awareness that you experience in a Lucid Dream.

With all the discussion and exploration of this subject that has gone on here I think this is a better definition. Any chance you can get the “LL” mouse over to work on this server ??? :happy:

nope… doesn’t depend on the server but on the censor words program i use to do the acronym thing. and it is not case sensitive :sad: And íf it sees 'll it 'll make 'LL out of it…

I’ve collect suggestions and made a list of unregistered terms:

ASP - Awake sleep paraylsis

IMLD - In my Lucid dream

SRA - Sudden random awakening

EWLD - Exploring the world of Lucid dreaming

LDER - Person who can Lucid dream (“LDer”)

LS - Lucid sleep

AP - Astrual Projection

LDs - Lucid dreams

LS - Lucid sleep

RT - Reality testing

PD - Precognitive dreaming

CILD - Chakra Induced Lucid Dreaming

CHILD - Charecter Induced Lucid Dreaming

PILD - Punishment Induced Lucid Dreaming

PLILD - Placebo Induced Lucid Dreaming

RILD - Reward Induced Lucid Dreaming

TILD - Thirst Induced Lucid Dreaming

UILD - Urinate Induced Lucid Dreaming

OILD - Orgone Induced Lucid Dreaming

NILD - Nap Induced Lucid Dreaming

DRILD - Drug Intiated Lucid Dreaming

SHILD - Shared-Dreaming Indcued Lucid Dreaming (Where you tell someone there dreaming or viceversa)

SILD - Sexual Induced Lucid Dreaming

STILD - Spontaneous Induced Lucid Dreaming (That’s my one)

SPILD - Sleep Paraylsis Induced Dreaming (A branch of WILD)

The below quote is what happens if you put “lild” into the message. I have had to put LI-LD into the quote to stop it repeating it self.

At least BrainHacker’s famous!