Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

How about adding some grammar to the acronyms?

LDs - Lucid Dreams
LDing - Lucid Dreaming
FAs - False Awakenings

and so on…

FWILD: Fake Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. When you do WILD in a dream, thinking that you are awake.

I think this one is pretty common, so I would like to see it added to the list of acronyms…

If you realize that you are dreaming while the dream is fading away and you are starting to wake up, could you call that LA: Lucid Awakening?

Here is a good definition:

DILD - Dream-Initiated-Lucid-Dream–A dream in which the dreamer becomes Lucid during the dream, either by dreamsigns or spontaneously.

thanks Lucidity Master :content:

This seems like some good definitions

MILD - A method of lucid dream induction done by falling asleep with the presleep intention to remember to recognize the dream state.

WILD - A method of lucid dream induction done by focusing on something to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep in order to enter the dream state fully lucid.

An acronym that I commonly use in my DJ:

TF - Technology Failure - The tendency of technological items to not function as intended while in a dream.

The most well-known example is the whole light-switch thing. Last night I had a dream where I couldn’t get a cell phone to work properly, and then it began to fall apart in my hands.

I noticed HI hasn’t got a description yet. How about this:

“Vivid sensory perceptions occuring while falling asleep. HI often consists of images which may eventually develop into a dream. Flowing passively with HI into the dream is the basic technique of WILD.”


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HH doesn’t even have an explaination either.

HI / HH can also be experienced upon waking too!
Hypno-/Hypnagogic - as you fall asleep
Hypno-/Hypnapompic - as you wake

I often rest my eyes for a while and get HH…but I stop myself from going further asleep. I use it as a form of entertainment when I have some free rest time.

I only spoke of imagery when falling asleep, because HI means “hypnagogic” imagery. Thus, HH and HI only happen when falling asleep. There’s no specific acronym for hypnopompic imagery… yet.

Dream leaping. Going from your dream to person/thing’s dream.

RT - reality test (the same as RC )
PS.actualy,this is the only site that there is RC,not RT :smile:

NON-D or NOND: Non-Dreamer= a person who has not yet had a lucid dream

CALD - Computer Aided Lucid Dreaming… through computer programs.
or CILD - Computer Induced Lucid Dreaming

SILD - Sound Induced Lucid Dreaming… a sound que to “wake you” into a lucid state while in your dream.

Please can we stop it with all these -ILDs? I’m sick of it!

BH- brain hacking or
MH-mind hacking or
MM- mental manipulation or…something like that

definition: using a lucid dream to cause a change in your mental processes and /or abilities in waking life.

Please can we only add acronyms here after they become common use, not before?

relax r3, nobody is adding anything…these are just suggestions, i mean…isnt that what this thread is for? :bored:

any and all suggestions are welcome. Only the most commonly used acronyms are added to the dictionary. The last update to the diary can be found at the bottom of it’s post. The last update/addition was “Sun Jun 08, 2003 1:15AM”


I would like to make a suggestion about two acronyms, FLD and ULD.

The explanation of both acronyms in the dictionary says:
FLD = False Lucid Dream - you fall asleep in a normal dream and you become lucid. You could be very lucid but still you think that the guy which fell asleep in the normal dream is the “real”, waking you.
ULD = Unaware Lucid Dream - you are NOT realizing that you’re dreaming but still you act like a lucid dreamer and do everything you want to do - you have the behaviour of a lucid dreamer, not the consciousness

However, if you read the forums you see that people use FLD in the same way as they use ULD: acting like an LD’er but not realizing you’re dreaming. Very few people report the go-to-bed-in-a-dream-and-then-get-lucid-experience.

So DreamAddict I would like to suggest that we adapt to the reality of the forums and change the meaning of FLD to the same as ULD. So they become just synonyms. This way nobody will be surprised when they scroll over the acronym FLD and then get a pop-up with a strange explanation that noone seems to use anymore.

On the other hand, I’ve really had dreams where I went to bed, fell asleep and had another dream. If anyone knows a good acronym for this kind of experiences, please let us know. Some time ago I saw the term “meta dreams” describing this experience (read here) , so maybe MD would be a good acronym?