Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

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Hello, I tried to have an LD last night where I WTS and starting seeing HI and HH and eventually felt SP. I was FO and I got into a WILD but I lost LN and then when I got it again it became a DILD so I did an RC and got L again. Soon I WU and my DR was decent so I went to my DJ and wrote it down.


But some of the “ilds” that people suggested are not really common…

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IB for inorganic beings
AP for assemblage point

MWBTB - Multiple WBTB
RWBTB - Repeted WBTB

When you set the alarm (or something else) to wake you up over and over again until you can’t go back to sleep anymore.

Sleep 4½-6 hours, |: wake up, write down your deams, go back to sleep for 1-1½ hour
:l repeat from |:

LA or Lucid Awakening - happens when your ND fades and you realize you’re dreaming while waking up.

I added that one to this thread almost a year ago… It’s probably more likely to get an acronym now that people have started using it on the forum :smile:

LOL, I didn’t notice it :smile: Yes, the acronym has been used quite a few times so it may get “official status” now :happy:

Added SC, LA and the description of HH

May I suggest Post Lucid Dream Account dream? (I don’t know how to put it, I mean a dream after a LD in which the person is behaving on the basis that he just had a LD, like telling someone about the LD) It always happen to me after a LD that I dream that I’m with somebody and telling him about the LD I just had. I’m sorry if there’s already a name for it, I didn’t find anything. And if someone has a better name for it than it’s ok.

I would say it’s a (Post-(Lucid Dream)), that is a P-LD or a PLD. :smile:

(The brackets show you how the words are grouped, a little like showing the difference between (green (pea soup)) and ((green pea) soup). But maybe I’m just a geek to use them here. :tongue:)

thanks for clarifying that, r3m0t :content:

look at this: https://www.lucidity.com/vanEeden.html

I don’t agree with the definition of Dream Diary and Dream Journal. It’s not only a journal for lucid dreams, but for all sorts of dreams.

When you have to give a beginner the advice to keep a DJ in order to make LD’s, it’s possible that he won’t understand how to keep a journal of his lucid dreams when he hasn’t. :tongue:

I dunno if it’s been suggested yet, but about DR for dream recall?

changed DJ and DD a little and added DR :smile:

I would like to modify the term FSP - false sleep paralysis. Today morning i entered 3 times into SP until i finally was able to enter into full mode LD. But last time when in SP i felt my body paralysed, but as my bottom felt itself unconfortably, i tried to move it and i was slightly able to do so. But i’m almost sure that i did not moved myself, but i was fallen into sleep already when i experienced the third SP what finally made me into LD. So if it is true, then FSP can occur not only while having FA, but even then when you experience it while thinking you are falling to sleep, while you actually already entered into sleep and having a dream about SP.


FLA – False Lucid Awakening (a dream about waking up in the moment of becoming lucid)
LC – Lucid Crossroads (shared dreamspace, described at lucidcrossroads.co.uk)

added LN = Lucid Nightmare - A nightmare where you are aware you are dreaming.

Yeah, I’ve had those :content:

BTW, firefox doesn’t show much of the acronym descriptions, is there any way to fix that?

DT- Dream Time

I use that one a lot in my DJ. :grin:

I think we could use an acronym for Sleep Cycle, although we can’t use SC, as it already stands for subconscious… :sad:

If anyone has an idea… :content:

Added AP - Astral Projection