Did I actually achieve lucidity?

Over Christmas break I had a dream where I believe I became lucid. I only remember a bit of the dream, but I was in a room that was pretty dark and there was some sort of party that was going to be ocurring in the near future. For some reason, my friend from school had to make a bulletin board with many little pieces of paper with bits of information on it. He wanted me to come over and look at them. I walked over to the board and right as I reached it I thought to myself, " Hey, I should do a reality check." I planned on reading the papers, looking away, then reading them again to see if they changed. However, I couldn’t even read them. As soon as I decided to do the reality check the letters on the papers changed into symbols. Suddenly everything just turned into a grey blur and I considered spinning to regain lucidity like I had read but for some reason I decided the dream was too far gone. A feeling I remember when everything turned grey was a tingly, almost buzzy feeling in my arms and hands. Now, I’m not sure if I woke up here or not, but I distinctly remember telling my brother that I had had what I believed was a lucid dream. I remember where he was and where I was when I told him. The next day I remembered about this and was telling my family, and I said, “Payton, did I tell you I had a lucid dream last night?” To my dismay he said no.

So, my theory is that I briefly achieved lucidity, then lost it and had a false awakening, or else I really woke up but went back to sleep quickly and dreamed I told my brother. Thanks in advance for any and all input.

You achieved lucidity (well done - you should start to find it easier now :smile:) and then had a FA. Try taking a RC everytime you wake up to catch them in the future.

if you were truly lucid you wouldnt even have to ask, because your mind would have been blown by how cool it is and you would KNOW

Try what I do, when you have an LD, reach the state of mind being awaken while asleep, say yourself: “I had an LD, I will remember this.”

For example, after a week you will most probably start thinking if it was, or wasn’t lucid. But when you REMEMBER the fact you told yourself - you can beat your thoughts.

Hope you understood my quickly written hint.

I asked after my first LD. Lots of people do. Simply because they worry it may have been a FLD.

FLD?? how can ther ebe such a thing?
how can you have the behavior of a lucid dreamer without the consciousness?
to say that you are “doing everything you want to” without the state of mind to make that decision is crazy

now i have been in what i cal low-level lucidity, where you know you are dreaming but you you are sort of not fully conscious.
So, for example, you will still be trying to do something that the other dream characters want you to (like play darts)
So i will be playing darts, knowing its fake. But this is low level lucidity, because if i were truly lucid, I would abandon the dart game and do something cooler, like attempt to create landscapes