Did some one ever had this?

I have a new girl friend we both have red hair our brains wiork the same we think the same we talk the same use same communication skills and have same states of mind
no what i would like to know
why the hel ldo we have conversations when we are asleep to eatchother
we are having conversations we even recorded them its like we are sayiong things like we are on a diffrent level now and the thing wos 1st i thought its fake shit but the next night i woke myself up ansering her then i thought she wos hearing me out so i recorded it and we have all these weird things going on between us

Wow, I’ve never heard of that happening before. You were both “sleeptalking”, right? I’ve heard stories of people talking in their sleep to other (awake) people in the room (sometimes they can carry on vague conversations). However, I’ve never heard of two sleeptalkers having a conversation with each other!

My guess is that you both commonly talk in your sleep and you end up having a conversation with each other because your brains register on some level that someone is speaking to you, in much the way that others may talk to non-sleepers in their sleep.

I already talked to my mother like that, she was sleeping and I was awake, it was very funny, I starting talking about my metallica poster to her and she said like: “Ok, but don’t put it too loud 'cause of the neighboors” and some other thing that made me laugh and then she said “Oh, I won’t talk to you anymore, you’re laughing at me” :tongue: the next day she didn’t had any recollection whatsoever, I told her then the things she said, it’s a shame I don’t remember much of what it was said, 'cause it was so funny…

But my cousins used to talk to each other in their sleep when they were young, both sleeping… They used to swear at each other :lol:

My aunt’s house at night was like: “You Son of a ", " You" “Go **** Yourself”, "Suc**”, “You mother****** ***-giving piece of ****” :lol:

Ok, I’ll stop now :gni:

Lol I would pay to see that.

Anyway, I never heard of two sleep talkers talking to each other. My cousin did talk to my sister once, sleep talking, of course. Interesting stuff…

yea we even told eatchother what we should eat the next day because she said did you tell me you wanted to eat schnitzels i wos like wtf and i remembered us talking about that only thing wos we were sleeping :confused:

Would it be too much of me to ask you to upload and post the recording? I need a good laugh and this sounds promising.

Btw… post 100!