Different styles of flying

You have missed one style that I’ve had, “moving yourself with will power” Its hard to expain, but you dont fly in the regulare way, you just controll where you wanna go by moving your body around, like if there wasnt any gravity. “Zero gravity flying” :smile:

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yamaha: That would be object assistance. But SG? Geez, I wish I had one.

ulv: that would be catagorized as “Nothing”

Yesterday I flew with my arm stretched out. I noticed now that you hadn’t a description of it. What I can say about it is this. I took off from a roof, just jumped off. I didn’t even think about my arms but noticed they were stretched out. The flight was short, and went downwards. It was very much like gliding. I tried it again, I meant to stay at the same altitude this time, but glided down again.
I tried superman style after that. I still couldn’t control direction. I went up mostly. But it went sort of fast.

I’ve had a few low-level LDs and FLDs, and what I find especially interesting about them is that my default method of movement in such dreams seems to be floating around as a spectre! I’ve occasionally flown through closed doors. I’m even invisible to DCs! I don’t even choose to be a phantom, it just happens. Has anyone else had this?

yesterday my girl friend and i were talking about lucid dreaming, and she said that she wanted to fly, now out of all my lucid dreams this is one thing that i have never been great at unless i am very lucid. she told me to imagine the feeling of skydiving, as we have both been, and use that feeling of falling/ floating but use it in the other direction, ie up.

So i tried it last night and it worked like a charm, but in parts i found my self flying too fast upwards strange expereince. but after a while i got the hang of it. Give that one a go.

Orange: Wow, I’ll add that when I get a chance (i cant now)

Soul: That would be “Falling That Way”

I have a suggestion, it works perfectly for me, I’ve flown over enourmous landscapes using this, Sprout wings!, don’t turn into a bird or something, just sprout wings, the first time I did this it didn’t work so well but with practice it’s fool proof, so for any of you who want to test it, don’t debunk it on your first try, Combined with the superjump it works great, superjump to take off and then use your wings to glide. Demon/bat wings seem to work best for me, try for a large wingspan, not too large though, about the length of your arm and a half

Its been said, that would be object assistance…

Oh yeah, I looked back and saw that, I was going to edit my post to say that but you beat me to it. And I don’t consider it to be object asistance, in real life an animal that has wings doesn’t consider their wings objects that help them fly anymore than you consider your legs objects that help you walk, so technically it’s not object assistance.

I personally haven’t flown in any LDs yet, but in NDs I sometime “Fly” or at least, feel very much like I’m flying, I just at one point in another jump in the dream and realise I’m floating down,
So after that, I usually feel VERY happy, (because when ever I have those dreams, I recall doing that before. Those times were in other dreams, but I didn’t realise, I thought it was real life, and real memories) and I would jump, and glide my way down…
I have always just concidered that short bursts of flying and landing XD I think the funniest way of flying though… is to get into small, round DBZ-style ball-spaceships, and zoom around where ever you are XD It’s a interesting feeling…

I was going to edit my post to say that but you beat me to it

I win.

Growing wings would be object assistance because they’re objects, part of your dream body, but still objects that aren’t part of YOU.

I use wings that are part of my arms. I can feel them just fine, but they’re usually invisible if I look back. :neutral:

When they /do/ show up, they’re dragon-like and a light shade of green.

I kind of do a flying by first going to my house in my LD. Then jump throug the window and then since I allways have a sweater in RL I always have one in my dreams, well after jumping i spread my legs and my arms in an X positon and fly like a flying squirrel. :grin:

I can’t even fly properly yet :cry:

I tried flying from jumping of a building i sort of glided for a couple of seconds but then just fell maybe you could see if that works for you. Also, try flying in a car thats what I did in a dream before.

Why not call wings it’s own thing? It’s not external but not doing nothing or any other thing. Actually it could be categorized as transforming into a flying creture, wich should be in here anyway. only with wings, the creature you transform into is yourself, with wings. Anyway, Transformation flying. I have been wanting to fly as a bird for some time now. No big superbird like eagle or hawk or albatross… Just some little bird. I have a sort of clear image of that in my mind. Even the place is clear.

Fine, I’ll give transformation its own category

I’ve used every technique except swimming, the invisistairs, and airbending and I think each of them has their own advantages and disadavantages :yes:

Superman-style is the absolute boss when it comes to speed, super jump and object assistance are the best for takeoff and object assistance is also best when it comes to actual length of flying time. “Falling that way” for me is the most fun and also the greatest way to gain height as I can go on literaly forever if I don’t wake up :happy: I think “Nothing” and “imagining it” are basically one in the same and are probably my most often means of flying because of the innateness of flying in the dreamworld, so that has overall easiness :ok: Spreading your arms is great for gliding like CSF said, but I hardly use it, and the transverse wave is kinda like my “stepping stone” when I’m having trouble on takeoffs :wink:

“Different styles of flying work out differently for different ‘consciouses’…” And such was said by one of my DCs in a “flying tutorial.”
“…It’s not a matter of how, but rather why? Why fly? Fly because you are and flying is.”
And then he took off flying…
It’s one of the most enlightening things a DC has ever told me :universe:

I’ve tried several techniques: imagining it, super jump, gliding, manipulating gravity didn’t work too well though (fell like a stone…splat!). My preferred technique came to me after watching the matrix months ago, when I became lucid I remembered how neo takes off and I decided to try it out.

-Matrix/modified superjump: Once completely lucid stand with one leg forward, squat down, then leap straight up(tucking your arms to the sides). When you need to change directions or speed untuck your arms and legs and lunge in that direction with your arms and legs tucked. This technique usually makes you move at an extremely high speed (probably about mach one on average, although I have travelled to the other side of the earth in seconds before), so you have to have a clear picture of where you want to land (otherwise… :wave: ).

The first time I did it this way I had difficulty controlling my speed and direction, but now that I’ve practiced, it has become mostly second nature for me(not to mention my primary method of transportation in LDs).

Today in my LD i ran and jumped and failed a few times.
I used the super man techniche. My head and my body had a careful balanced. If my head was not at an angle I would fall.